Erangels and Demons Finale: Built It. Beautiful


Someone is committing Heresy on Erangel Island.

Long a home to nothing but dilapidated hovels and burned out forests, the unspeakable has happened in this place of constant strife. In the sparse few seconds between every hellacious gunfight that litters both rolling hills and rocky beaches, the willing and unwilling denizens of this places have noticed that there are new houses where once there were none. Walls appear in the middle of the thickest forests.

Someone is building. Someone is dynamically building.

Drawing away knives from throats, the people of Erangel realize that there are usurpers in their midst, those that would tear down the very fabric of this place. Legends are spoken of another conclave in the desert, but they choose to stand and fight for their homes. But they must do so in ways they have never done before. A stray bullet can easily dispatch a would be ally against the terrors of The Knights, as they call themselves. And so a much subtler game begins on a new, unknown battleground.



This is a thing I have wanted to get off the ground for…almost a year now, as it turns out. I have always appreciated the dynamic that recurring forum games bring to a community, and mafia games are the cream of the crop in that regard. This post will be a walkthrough for those new to the concept and those familiar and wondering what to expect.

An Intro to Mafia
This is a game that will take place over the course of (typically) 7-14 real days. In it, players are divided in to two factions: Battlers (The Town, in common parlance) and Knights (Our mafia.) The goal of each team is to be the last standing.

Mafia is divided in to two distinct phases: a Day Phase and a Night phase. During the Day phase (typically one full real day), the denizens of the island debate amongst themselves in this thread about who may secretly be a Knight, and at the end choose to vote (or not!) on a member to be…disposed of. The Knights will be working to secretly undermine this discussion, so paranoia and fear are your greatest weapons and weaknesses. At the end of the day, I will post the results of your deliberations and reveal the chosen player’s alignment…before removing them from the game permanently. The town must agree on a simple majority by the end of the day for a vote to take effect.

At Night, secret plans spring in to action. The Mafia chooses amongst themselves who amongst the Battlers to kill, and certain players amongst the islanders will be able to perform actions at night with the intent of stopping them. All players with a role will submit PMs to me, the game master! As morning arrives, I will make a post summarizing what occurred in the evening, and who survived. Please not that PMs are not meant to be sent between players, unless they are the Mafia/Knights.

The game repeats this day and night cycle until either the mafia are entirely eliminated, or the mafia is *equal to or greater than the remaining population of Battlers.
Day phases will last ~20 hours, night phases approximately 10.

For a more detailed look in to the basics of play, This Flash, despite being Old and On Newgrounds has been a useful resource for the Mafia community for years.

I’ve played Mafia before, what should I expect?
Standard single mafia game. No traitors, no SKs. We’ll be starting off with a basic game and hopefully other future games, either staff or community run, will go buckwild.


The Roles

These special roles, both town and mafia, will send PMs to the game master when specified to utilize their powers in an attempt to help their factions win. Note: not all may be included.
-----Town Aligned-----
You’re the person with the plan, and the insight to watch it all fall apart when SOMEONE keeps picking up all the other loot. Once per night, you can choose another player to investigate. The game master will tell you their alignment and role, if they have any.

You’re the one who manages to bring people back in to the fight. Once per night, pick a player. If they’re targeted by the Knights, they are saved by your expert prowess with those bandages.

Sister Gun
Watch out folks, we got a wild card! Once per game, you can pick a player to kill.

Auntie Knuckles
Good luck getting anything done during Auntie Knuckles story time. Once per night, you can choose a player. If that player has a role, their PM to the game master is nullified, and furthermore, they cannot be the target of other roles.

Uncle Butt Pan
Nothing can stop Uncle Butt Pan!
You’re immune to one night kill.
--------The Mafia---------
The Knights
lol this place is for casul
The Knights are allowed to communicate with each other in PMs, and will know the identities of one another. Once per night, they may pick a target to kill.

--------WeedLordVegeta And Jaguar---------
The Game Master
Hey, that’s us! Every role sends us a PM for an action, and we make a post every evening and morning summarizing the events of the last phase.


Player List

Buriedingroves- RIP


And we’re live! Thank you to @robowitch @jaguar and @cookieuniverse for helping me clarify stuff. I keep forgetting what is and is not implicit knowledge to mafia newcomers. If you have any questions as we head in to the game, please let me know in here. I expect the game to start around 3 PM EST, Monday the 19th.



I’d like to play!


This sounds like a blast! I’m in.


I’m interested in playing! Is a night a literal solar night, or a length of time?


It’s up in the basics post- about a 20 hour day and a 10 hour night. I’ll adjust as necessary based on schedules. I’d recommend subscribing to the thread if you’re going to play so you can see if I’m posting, cause it probably means the end or beginning of a phase!

Also, weekends will probably have longer phases since people aren’t always as online on the weekends.


I would like to play.


Sounds fun. I’d like to give it a whirl.


I will play your game, Weed Lord.


Sign me up, W. L. Vegeta.


Sign me up milord.


I’d like to play!


Hey yall! We’ve had fewer signups than expected but this game will definitely happen. Ideally I’d like to have anywhere from 12-15 players for a scaled down version of the game. We may extend signups to hit those targets!


erica is “all-in” weed lord


For now I’m extending signups to Wednesday at 3pm EST. I want to hit those player numbers to make things mechanically interesting!


Looks like they found another body.
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For their forum games.
Put me in.