Esports: It's like Sports, but Electronic

Time to enter the cyber arena and duke it out to see who’s the best and maybe try and get a sponsorship for an energy drink or something! It’s Esports!

I love 'em! If you’re reading this you probably love 'em too! Let’s talk about Esports!

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Right now, Overwatch League and Call of Duty League are doing their thing. The first Major for Apex Legends Global Series starts on March 13. I usually follow esports for shooters and battle royales.

DreamHack Anaheim is also happening this weekend.
You can watch it here

The only eSporter I care about is this child


yeah, I saw that last night. Pokemon esports is fascinating to watch

There’s a great story happening at the CDL Atlanta Faze Home Series right now. Alec “Arcitys” Sanderson and Preston “Prestinni” Sanderson, two brothers who always played as teammates, they went their separate ways for the CDL, Prestinni going to the Florida Mutineers and Arcitys going to the powerhouse, Chicago Huntsmen.

Semifinal match and they were going to face each other. Chicago was the favorite going into that match. They ended up losing 3-2. And both brothers got emotional and just hugged it out. Really good match.

IEM Katowice is almost here. I dropped off watching SC2 after seeing Serral win Blizzcon and finish out 2019 as the undisputed champion. But I’ll be interested to see Stats v Dark, Reynor v Rogue, and TY v Serral. I think Maru will dominate his group but I’ll keep an eye on how the brackets develop.

I don’t know who is going to be doing the Enligsh stream casting with Artosis & Tasteless not coming and InControl sadly passing away late last year, but there are plenty of others who can do it.

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Gosh, I haven’t watched SC2 esports in awhile. Will check out IEM Katowice.

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Didn’t Dark win WCS 2019? Serral’s clean sweep of the circuit and championship was in 2018. StarCraft 2 is historically my favourite esport; been following competitive SC since about 2007 or so, but I’m taking a break from supporting Blizzard things for now. I hope the competition is still great though.

I watched that Pokemon juniors finals live on stream (sadly couldn’t attend in person) and it was a phenomenal moment. It’s basically as close a match as you could have barring someone being on 1HP. Competitive Pokemon is really fun right now since there are no legendary Pokemon allowed, unlike the past few years.


What are some good vods I should watch leading up to IEM Katowice? This is coming from a person who hasn’t watched professional Starcraft since GSL launched lol.

Oh they actually did that huh. I remember the last time I watched, they had a limit on what legendary Pokemon you could use. I think it was like 1, but certain legendaries were banned.

GSL Code S is the premier Korean tournament for SC2, but the finals are very often lacklustre/extremely one-sided. So I recommend watching some quarter-finals or semi-finals matches, such as this of Dark (reigning champion) vs TY:

Serral vs Stats from the 2018 global finals was a great match:

For something a little less conventional, and to round off the three matchups (TvZ, PvZ, TvP), here’s sOs vs Maru from the 2018 global quarterfinals:

As for legendary Pokemon; the rules have varied from year to year. Last year, you were allowed two of the super-legendaries such as Mewtwo, Rayquaza, Xerneas, etc., but there were no restrictions on other legendaries such as the Tapus of Sun/Moon, Landorus, etc. Despite all that, the most common Pokemon, used on about 75% of all teams, was Incineroar, due to its extremely versatile utility.

A new season of the AfreecaTV StarLeague started last week for StarCraft: BroodWar. I’m still getting caught up on the first three days of games but it’s been really fun. It’s been a while since I’ve kept up with modern pro BW so I’m really enjoying getting back into it. This is also the first time I’ve watched any games that used the Remastered version of the game and oh my god everything is so clear. I’m too used to watching 480p re-streams in 2008 where you couldn’t quite read the numbers but you were pretty sure that those tanks have +2 weapons by now. Something interesting for this season is that they’re using an island map (Inner Coven) which is really weird because for a long time people said island maps were too imbalanced to be used. It’s got a lot of really strange quirks and it seems like (so far) no one really knows how to play on the map so there’s been a pretty wide variety of strategies on it.

It’s streamed on Sundays and Tuesdays on the AfreecaTV YouTube channel with Tasteless and Artosis casting. They’re a really great pair that know a ton about the game so even if you haven’t seen or played much I’d recommend checking it out! Brood War rules imo.

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Oh my god what is time? Either I confused GSL vs. the World for WCS or I actually haven’t been paying attention to SC2 for a whole year… o_o

From the Official Apex Legends Discord

IEM not going to have a live audience

Very sad to see. I watched a clip of Carmac on the couch of the CSGO stream talking through it and he was very composed until the very end. It sucks that people in the response of the tweet are being rude, but I don’t really expect more from twitter.

IEM Katowice CSGO Grand Finals are live
Navi vs G2

Some tourneys happening today. Waypoint Mod, SuperHiero is working the Melee/Ultimate tourney at Phantom.


The player heavily favored to win Phantom, Dark Wizzy, is one of Smash’s better (though not perfect) community representatives. He wore a trans flag on stage at the last night tourney I saw him at. Good guy to root for.

Darkwizzy is cool. I was running around too much yesterday to get to talk to him, but maybe I’ll say hi today. Darkwizzy and his teammate came 2nd in doubles last night, so maybe Australia’s best players do have a small chance of pulling an upset in singles.

Top 64 is gonna start in about 2.5 hours from this post, at

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what do you think cyber sports looked like in pokemon?
sounds very interesting