eSports: They're Electronic Sports


Starcraft 2! DotA! Counter Strike! League of Legends! Overwatch! Fighting games! Heroes of the Storm…?

eSports are like normal sports, except they’re video games. So maybe not that much like normal sports, come to think of it. But they’re just as much fun to watch and play as those other kinds of sport, and maybe we could talk about them?

Right now, the play-in stage for League’s Mid-Season Invitational is going on. Dreamhack: Austin was last weekend and featured a lot of CS: GO. And apparently there’s a thing called the Kiev Major? But I don’t play DotA, so I do not know a lot about that thing.

So let’s talk about eSports!

[spoiler]LET’S GO C9



I am just starting to get interested in esports. Anywhere you recommend for reading more/podcasts/videos/etc?


Depends what you want to watch? Most of the game platform host the tournaments themselves, such as Steam with DotA (which is kinda expensive) and Battlenet with Starcraft 2 and Hearthstone. Twitch can be a good place to start, if you can sift through all the rubbish for some straightforward esports streams without all the background noise that is.


Teamliquid runs a website with news/guides/calendars for a variety of different esports games (primarily StarCraft 2, Dota, Smash Bros); I recommend checking them out.


I had this ( as my cellphone’s text ringtone for a while and then it went off while I was at work talking to a patient about their illness and I was like WELP GOTTA GET RID OF THAT ONE and that’s my esports story


I used to be pretty invested in dota 2 esports, but it’s hard to make time for it when they’re best of 3 and games are usually 30+ minutes long :triumph:


I’m big on FGC stuff and HotS is my MOBA of choice. I float into DOTA around TI time but I fully admit that I have no idea what’s going on there.


Scarra is cute. I don’t even play lol anymore. But Scarra is cute

#9 is a good site to get a view of dota. They often do write ups for recent results, for team or region summaries/introductions when there’s a big tournament upcoming.

The sidebar has upcoming streams to watch too.

The Kiev Major was crazy, nearly every BO3 went to 3 games.


I tend to stick to fighting games when it comes to digital sport, but I’m currently digging deep into Rainbow 6 Siege. The game is kind of in that sweet spot of being popular enough for people to give a shit about it, but small enough that you can still go into pro streams to ask questions and get answers and such. The pro community seems relatively welcoming as well, even if the game’s community as a whole is still a fucking cesspit (as to be expected sadly). Helps that the game itself is quite fun and the meta is in a reasonably good place.


I hope to god OG doesn’t win ti7 i am so sick of their boring ass playstyle


Anything in particular that you’re interested in? I can think of a number of vids and the like for a bunch of different games, but I wouldn’t just want to dumptruck a bunch on you.


just as god intended. Dota 2 is the greatest game of all time in terms of esports. No other game except for Marvel rivals its hype moments. I mean just this weekend a brazilian team came out of nowhere, knocked out the top seed (they were lowest placing team in the group stage, literally only won 1 game in a BO3) and then took EG, one of the top teams in the world to a game 3. Shit was fucking hype dude, i was literally going crazy.


Same and I feel like they will choke, but cmon man you can’t deny their play at Kiev was crazy. I mean how the hell did they win game 5!? RIP solar crest


actually, it’s CSGO


i fucks with the SK gaming gods VAMOS CARHALOOO


I usually am not all that interested in Melee — I’m usually more interested in Smash 4 — but holy [insert apropos Waypoint meme here] was the Grand Finals to Dreamhack Austin weird.

In hindsight, an Icies main bringing ~THE~ Puff to Stadium was a bad idea.


I don’t deny they’re a great team, they’re just so uninteresting to watch. They just play so safe and reserved and they pick naga/alch/terrorblade whenever they get the chance that it’s excruciating to watch them win.


Dota and CS:GO seem to produce the most hype during majors, although I’ve never been that good at either game.

I wish Hearthstone was balanced and engaging enough for me to get into the competitive scene. Hopefully things get better so I can enjoy the tournaments as a casual player.


Look man I agree, that Naga/TB game was fucking disgusting to watch I was actually so mad. But watching them play against EG and VP, I mean cmon man that is some world class teamwork.