Eternally Gaming with Cards (Eternal Card Game Thread)

Seems to only have been brought up in other TCG threads, but the dang thing’s so good that it deserves it’s own thread. Thoughts on the game vs MTG/Hearthstone/etc? Favorite decks/strats/weird meta techniques? Usernames for friendly matches? Suggestions on good streamers? Miscellaneous thoughts? The possibilities of such a discussion really are endless

tl;dr on Eternal if you haven’t played it:

  • It’s kinda like MTG online, but with a very good modern interface
  • It’s kinda like Hearthstone, but the free-to-play curve is so forgiving that it’s kind of a mystery how they make any money tbh. You also keep all the cards you pull in Draft modes
  • It’s got an android client and it’s on Steam and I think other stuff too
  • There’s a whole mess of cowboys in there somewhere

you can check the website if you want more granular details ofc

So Yeah this game is good as hell in my opinion. Curious how much of a playerbase exists here. If you’re nice add me (Jesse+4063), I’m always very down to Do A Card

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I haven’t played in a few months but the draft system was very fun for me. I started out by drafting decks based on what cards I wanted to keep for later. (Such a great feature, by the way.) Eventually I wizened up and started drafting the strongest decks possible and pulled off a few 7-win runs.

Have there been any big changes since February? That was about when I took a break. Since the game is in beta I figured I could wait until they were content complete because there’s no need to rush.

There have been a couple of patches since February, mostly sprucing the game up in several ways.

  • All cards now have voice lines when played, and units have attack/death sounds as well
  • Spectator mode exists now
  • They updated store pricing such that you can always spend your gems on something (100 gems gets you one pack, and the bundles other than the two largest have been removed)
  • They did a UI update that improved on the general look and feel of the client.
  • The campaign got reworked so that it has more of a story and isn’t so tedious to complete. I haven’t played through it myself, but it is also supposed to better onboard new players.
  • A balance patch in March changed a bunch of cards (for the better, imo).
  • New promos in the “enemy” faction pairs that give a preview of themes that are likely to be in Set 2

They’ve also said they hope to leave beta at the end of the month/beginning of next month, and release Set 2 sometime mid-June (I feel like both of those goals will be moved back a bit just because of the nature of game design/development).

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I’ve been meaning to come back here and chat about Eternal some more. What deck are you playing right now? I’m really enjoying the new Chalice Control deck that’s taking the game by storm. Ton of fun to play.

Posting to let everyone know that the second set, Omens of the Past, has just released!

After a while playing a lot of different digital TCGs, I do feel that Eternal basically having Magic: The Gathering’s mana system is a good thing for play. It helps create variance of play and keeps a lot of games from simply being playing cards on curve.

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Yeah definitely need to revive this thread from the dead for that new expansion. Hoooooly cow it’s SO GOOD. The new mechanics are massive game-changers, but in a way that doesn’t invalidate legacy decks? It’s kinda hard to explain without a wall of text tbh but yeah - really good time to get into the game if you haven’t yet.