Eugen Systems strike


Considering the topics typically covered by Waypoint (along with staff affection for the games from the developer), I’m slightly surprised we’ve still not seen a piece discussing the ongoing (month long at this point) strike by workers at Eugen Systems in Paris.

The (recently established) French union for video game developers is translating their news posts about this so it’s not restricted to French speakers and I have seen a few sites covering this, but it seems to be getting remarkably little attention (vs the volume of general discussion and commentary around theoretical unionisation for video game developers).

Edit: I also wanted to note the excellent politics on display by the STJV:

The STJV was created to defend all workers that ask, and so we do not discriminate between people needing help, members or not. We urge anybody to contact us if they need help or information.

We offer two types of membership contribution types:

  • Standard contribution, which is 1% of net income
  • Free contribution (in case of financial difficulties)

We do not ask for any justification for the type of contribution or for the amount. We trust everyone will participate fairly to the STJV.

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I thought of asking Waypoint staff on Twitter to see if they even knew about the strike because it is indeed something I would expect to see covered by them (not saying that in an agressive way, I reckon there is close to no coverage on the US press beside maybe RPS).

In any case, I am also ‘covering’ the strike on ResetEra where I keep all communiqués and interesting reactions (managements, politics, …). If anyone wants to see what’s going on with a full history of the past 4 weeks:

Hoping that it will resolve quickly. And to see something from Waypoint (wether on the website or on a next podcast). In the meantime, the STJV also has a crowdfunng page for the striking employees, if you want to support them :slight_smile:


How is this not being covered by Waypoint purely on the reason that Eugen System’s overdetailed Cold War era strategy games lie squarely in Zacny country?


Unless talking about specific games, I think Waypoint is a very America focused outlet . Of course they have limited resources etc… and I’m sure the majority of their audience is American and so is most of the staff I guess, so it makes perfect sense! And fuck knows with Trump running the show, there’s plenty to writeand talk about. But I honestly don’t think this a place to come for takes regarding what goes on outside of America (once again, unless referring to specific games).
I’m not saying this is wrong mind you, but rather that I would like a version of Waypoint that covers Europe in the same way this Waypoint covers America.


Kotaku did an article about the strike. US Kotaku mind you, not Kotaku UK who by your logic would be better suited to cover this. It seems large enough to be worth American games press attention.


Regarding Waypoint’s lack of coverage, it is kind of surprising? My biggest guess would actually be the fact that the company doesn’t seem to make very popular games, at least in the US. They also may have been directing focus on the current “Games and Guns” week so it might have slipped by.

I’m glad to see more members of the games industry moving away from the neoliberal trappings that often ensnare the tech industry. I remember hearing about the Youtuber’s union that started a while back. Very heartening to hear; a step in the right direction.

EDIT: I just spoke with my dad, a programmer, a little about the lack of unions in the tech industry since it was on my mind. He noted that he feels that the lack of unions is due to that first, computer engineers are usually paid pretty well, so there’s yet to be a “push” in the industry. Events like this are a good sign that there are more “pushes” to come. Second, there’s a lack of uniformity in labor. That makes sense, but to me that would say “Then we need a specialized union” rather than “we don’t need a union”. I don’t know a lot about labor politics so I’d be curious to hear other thoughts.