Eureka Seven means so much to me

( This video popped up in a related video section an hour ago and I’m really in my feelings at the moment–Certain anime OPs and EDs can really spin me into such a mess. I honestly don’t even know why I’m making this post. I just needed a space to talk about the way I’m feeling at the moment and this forum seemed like the best place.


The second OP for Eureka Seven makes me feel some kinda way, for sure. It’s just a dang bop:

I binged the whole show on a whim in like a week last summer and while I have problems with it, mostly from a pacing perspective (the show is a little too long for it’s own good, I think, but I rarely watch anything more than 26 episodes so that may just be me. I also watched it real quick so… probably that) I thought it was real solid.

This is a show whose ending I loved to death when I was younger, and I’m a little afraid to revisit it because I’m pretty sure a lot of it won’t hold up (and also it’s long as hell).

Anyone tempted to revisit Eureka Seven might be considering watching either the movie (Sleep Tight, Young Lovers) or the sequel (Ao).

I would advise against either of these things.

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This is probably my favorite mecha anime. I love the surfer vibe, the ecologically-tinged worldbuilding, all the wonderful character designs, the music, the anti-establishment themes, the young romance…

It also has some of the best mecha designs I’ve seen in anime, not flashy but very good shapes with a lot of personality. They feel like vehicles but also like creatures, and have a real grace and power to them in the way they’re animated. And I mean, surfing mechas are the coolest shit ever.

Great creature design too! And the part where Eureka grows fairy wings is such a beautiful moment, though I’m a sucker for monster transformations.

The show is a little overlong but I didn’t really mind that too much on my most recent rewatch about a year and a half ago. It mostly does hold up pretty well in my opinion.

Yeah, I remember reviews of the movie talking about it being a totally different thing. I don’t know anything about the sequel, because no one ever talked about it. They’re in the middle of doing a 3-movie retelling/remix of the original now, but that won’t wrap until 2019 (1 movie a year).

I think I’ll pick up the Blu-rays and see if it still holds up. I remember people hating on Renton a lot for his pacifist stance towards the end of the show, but it never bothered me. (Also: feel like people keep doing the Eva thing, where they forget that the characters are children, and expect way more out of them than they should.)