European Waypoint - Ode to Specialboy 🇪🇺

Hello good people of Waypoint! I thought it might be need to see if there is any number of European Waypoint readers. I feel like the Discord is weirdly quiet when the US is sleeping, so we should band together, maybe in a sort of union or something. Just don’t let the Brits know, they might ruin it for everyone. (Also, there does not appear to be a EU flag emoji, such a tragedy.)

Anyways, Germany :de: calling, 12 points go to Patrick Klepek’s “Anime is Alright”! What a tune! And such a fantastic show that Vice is putting on, you are wonderful hosts, dear Waypointers! You all look fantastic!

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Am I allowed to join in the discussion if I support London seceding and becoming a city state? I’m also figuring out claiming my irish citizenship…

I’m Scottish, we voted to remain!

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UK here. I voted remain, I’m basically voting remain in whatever way I can for the upcoming general election. As a fail safe, I will use my heritage to get an Irish passport.

But yes, absolutely spiffing job Waypoint and what a forum. It’s been ages since I’ve joined a forum and this is like a future forum or something. I’m typing the message and seeing the preview at the same time!

Norway, here. No cute flag emoji for us. :smiley:

Denmark checking in, sorry for all the bear bottles, been meaning to clean up.

Norwegian blood. And also the rest of me is Norwegian, mostly.

Really, being specific was probably unnecessary.

saw someone hanging an EU flag out of the window of a block of flats in my terrible English town the other day, gave me hope for a second!

Aw, we don’t have full flag emoji support here, but reporting in from Ireland here.

(worth a try: :ireland:)

Netherlands, represent!!

London here too, I still see the odd remain poster in windows and instantly get depressed.

Netherlands here!

Germany here, happy to be aboard !

So I would like to ask the Brits present in the thread how does not being in the EU impact you guys? As a Dane we might very well be looking at the same potential vote not too far down the line, and while I’m generally opposed to the notion of an exit on a larger scale, I don’t really know that much about how it directly impacts daily lives in UK. Can anyone help?

Oddly heartening to see Brits claiming their Irish citizenship en masse.
C’mon over folks! Kettle’s on!

Not a Brit, but I have Brit friends working in my office here in Ireland.

We’re in the animation industry, which is heavily reliant on people moving around for new work, EU grants and international productions (films jointly made by Ireland, Luxembourg and Canada for instance). There’s a very real concern about whether or not they’ll be able to stay working here long term. They don’t generally get stable contracts that would allow them to stay here for years. The free travel area makes it very easy to just come work for 9 months, but I don’t know what that looks like once they’re not EU citizens.

My girlfriend is Swedish and moved over here, we’ve looked at citizenship and it’s not an easy road. It takes years of living here consistently to be considered for applying, so if I had to directly engage with it I’d be tremendously worried.

for me it’s mostly been the sense of estrangement from my countrymen and realising that we’ve always been a pretty terrible country. It’s hard loving and hating where you are from at the same time.

I know that feeling, believe me. I find it laughable when other scandinavians or Europeans are quick to judge americans on their choice of politicians. Like, have you looked in our own backyard recently? It’s a really tough pill swallow that the right wing movement is as prevalent as it is in these times, because it just seems like we should be smarter by now.

With countries this old everyone has some deplorable shit in their history.


that’s very true but it seems like we have never gotten over the British Empire and delusions that we won the second world war, maybe part of it is being an island but there’s a real arrogance that the world owes us something I find.

Maybe it’s the same in lots of places though.

Sorry, but it’s good to rant sometimes :slight_smile: