'Evangelion' and 'Bloodborne'

HEAVY spoilers for both Bloodborne and Evangelion

Rewatching Eva, and finally watching End fo Evangelion after 15 + years of meaning to, I was struck by how much LCL, in practice, resembles The Old Blood as it appears in bloodborne: both are central power sources/mystical media for their respective texts. Both seem to be created/secreted by an ancient god/thing found by researchers years ago.

And then I realized how much the similarities continue. Gendo and Gehrman have similar roles and much in common. The plain doll, made in the image of someone Gendo/Gehrman loved but also his doll, the ever present and mysterious moon, both seem to take place on the eve of a terrible cycle once again coming to fruition.

Even if this is just both games being japanese takes on western, christian mythology – I’m fascinated by the similarities and just havn’t found much out there in the way of comparative texts.

Has anyone else noticed these similarities and have thoughts? I’d love to get a better perspective than just my own :slight_smile: