Even Nioh is coming to PC


Wooo! I ALMOST bought a PS4 so I could play Nioh, now I’m so glad I didn’t! Shout outs to the fine people at Destructoid.


“Even Nioh”? What else is coming to PC? Maybe they’re referencing Dragon’s Dogma but i’m not sure. Or the Trails series?


It sounds not great that there’s gonna be two settings for graphics.


Yeah, if it’s what was on PS4 the two settings basically allowed for the user to choose slightly prettier graphics or higher performance. It made sense on the PS4 and was, I thought, a very cool and welcome feature. But on a PC there should be way more wiggle room for that.


I agree. On the other hand I am just happy they are porting it over. Hopefully it is at least decently optimized. __


Keeping the two graphical modes on the PC port is so classically, disappointingly typical of Japanese developers.


The graphical modes thing is weird but whatever, its cool that this game is coming to another platform. I really like it, though I think im something of an exception there, due to the circumstances in which I played it (it came out just after I was laid off from my last job, so I had all the time in the world to sit on my couch and play it). Of course I want the port to be good but just making it available, as long as it runs ok, is still great.


I was like OH HELL Ye…oh right it is Koei Tecmo.


Koei Tecmo is capitalising on that “bring Bloodborne to PC, From Software” petition. Better late than never, eh?


This is a pretty good not great game that really should have been about 30 to 40 hours shorter. It’s not quite Person 5 levels of dragging on but it’s rough and I’m not sure that the DLC will help.

Still I might pick it up again down the road when I have a spare month to download all 100GBs



Nioh is Fucking Excelent and I can’t wait to play the whole thing again with the new DLC Weapons and Missions. Should fix my only real gripe with the game in that it lacked postgame content and could have been longer.

Reckon this is one of my GotY contenders, personally.


Yeah its one of my fav games this year too. Def top 10. THe DLC and weapons are cool too. I’ve slowly been playing it all year, I just beat the base campaign a month or so ago but I still have the DLC missions.


Nioh had it’s own petition which got something like 10k signatures. Which is quite impressive considering a lot of people believe petitions don’t work these days. But then I suppose Koei Tecmo isn’t silly enough to turn down a bigger audience and more money.


I see where you’re coming from, but I always find describing the decision to stay single platform as “silly” to be a fairly dubious proposition. There’s a lot of legitimate reasons not to go multiplatform (cost of maintaining multiple versions of a game, technical differences, availability of resources, &c). There’s definitely upside for a lot of folks (especially those who can only or prefer to play on the platform being adapted to), but I wouldn’t say Koei Tecmo would be ‘silly’ if they decided that the PS4 version was where they’d call time on Nioh.


Oh I get your point on tech and resources etc (And tech is a real worrying one because Koei Tecmo have had a rough history on PC versions so that is going to be very interesting to watch). I just believe there’s a big business case for KT to bring it to PC with Dark Souls success and already having a successful PS4 launch leading to good word of mouth. But then if they wanted to bring it to XB1 and Switch too. I’d support that because I’m a firm believer in games being as accessible as possible. But I do agree if KT wanted to stop with the PS4 version. It wouldn’t be “Silly” because every decision after also carries a business risk. If the PC version isn’t good. Then it’s going to get hammered by the very discerning PC users who were signing the petition.


The opportunity cost of porting is undoubtedly something dev houses consider - they may be able to put that manpower and money to more profitable use elsewhere. But I do find that some of those concerns are lessened with the PC platform, specifically the fact that in terms of maintaining the game, you don’t have to go through cert and pay an exorbitant amount to publish a PC patch, and the fact that even if your port is technically sub par, if the game itself is acclaimed and well loved enough - which I believe Nioh definitely is - then the community will find work arounds.

Note the case of the original Dark Souls and Nier: Automata, both frankly busted as hell ports. They sold extremely well on PC (I think Dark Souls especially has a larger player base on PC than it does on PS3 and X360 combined, despite being a bare bones, garbage port).

For Nioh, I already have it on PS4, but I’ll be buying it on PC the moment it comes out because

  1. I never finished it
  2. The opportunity to play it with really good image quality at 1440p will enhance the experience for me substantially.
  3. Even if, in the worst case scenario, your port makes little money, you will still be broadening the player base exposed to your products, increasing the amount of people that are likely to purchase future iterations of your product.


I was thinking about picking up Nioh since it’s also on sale on the PS store at the moment but I saw that it has spider enemies and a spider boss so I guess actually no.


Spider friends


Yeah, no thanks. I played through most of Bloodborne (and really really enjoyed it) until getting to That Room in nightmare of mensis and giving up. As someone with fairly strong arachnophobia it really sucks that a lot of these games are spider heavy.


I guess it isn’t surprising Nioh has a spider boss but that still gives me anxiety. that one area in dark souls 2 made me feel sick. and I hated the boss there