'EVERYONE' better include disabled folk

i can not get over how many times during the watch dogs bit today… they used the word everyone over and over again… and yet, of course, there is not a disabled body in sight

im so sick of this… im so sick of not being able to see myself in games that keep claiming you can do ANYTHING… over and over again the disabled are forgotten… left to be modded in somewhere by folks unable to make their own games

im really struggling today yall… everyone on twitter is like YAY ITS A BULLDOG and YAY ITS KEANU… and im just over here like… oh ok still no disabled sims huh… nothing in watch dogs huh… ok sure


That was actually my first thought was how able everyone looked in the trailer for watch dogs. I want the dystopic hellscape of getting in and out of the underground in a wheelchair. I want the game to come to a grinding halt when there’s a building that doesn’t have entrance ramps or you are at a sidewalk without the curb cut.
And I have a lot of thoughts about the way future cyberpunk type games deal with physical disabilities. I’m always terrified of the magicing away of all physical abnormalities and then having that one sect of total freaks that wants society to know imperfection is real and mutilated themselves or something. Its obvious studio heads never think about this stuff and when they do it’s a total afterthought.


Yeah, I was thinking the same thing as they went through all the people, of course there could always be someone with something invisible that you only learn about when you start playing them but I also want to be able to play someone who’s very visibly disabled too, whether that be from their aids or from their disability itself leaving a very visable mark on them.

I also just kind of think it would be nice to have the inclusion of some disabled people being a challenge mode of sorts that’s based more on problem solving than on just being better with the controls, like a character in a manual wheelchair who uses a gun not being able to move and shoot at the same time since they have to use both hands to move, and also not being able to sneak in the same crouch down and move slowly way, though, of course, that would involve them actually putting thought and work into disabled characters so who knows if that would ever happen in a big game like this :confused:

I would like to hope that the inclusion of Helen, who is actually challenged mobility wise, means that Ubisoft is aware of this and is intent on including pc’s that are perhaps more explicitly disabled, but I guess we’ll have to wait and see

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I think Austin said on one of the E3 podcasts that ubisoft at their appointment basically said not to expect that.

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FYI wheelchair-bound is considered an ableist phrase. People aren’t “bound” or “trapped” by their wheelchairs, they’re devices that give freedom and mobility (and make it easier to stealth roll up on nazis to murder them). Wheelchair-user is a better phrase to use.


Fair enough! I always assumed it was a directional phrase (like “bound for”) but I absolutely see how that was a harmful nonsense assumption, I’ll keep it in mind (and edited the post).


weeeeellllllp [blows raspberry]

I want to know what neurodivergence is in this game. Just saying someone has anxiety isn’t really meaningful, especially in a setting designed to produce anxious feelings in everyone. How would real life mood disorders work here? How would learning disabilities work? I bet anything other than small stat changes will exist.

Honestly for the game to overwhelmingly exclude disabled folk from a setting (authoritarian coded-Tory Britain) that has time and again proven itself outright hostile to them and right now today is running a campaign of slow violence to eradicate them from society if they’re not “fit for work” without making it a central plot point and example of a country’s slide to capitalist-fascism in the destruction of the social safety net for the profit of the wealthy ruling class of landlord-politicians does not remotely understand its setting and likely completely substitutes many of the real issues in this country with a genericised apolitical authoritarianism, imo.


As someone with an invisible disability, the idea that the chronically ill just randomly die sucks. People with chronic illness don’t really pass on at random, unless they succumb to suicide. I want a character who struggles with arthritis, and maybe can’t perform certain actions.


I had convinced myself last Thursday that they were going to announce that you could play/make disabled sims for the Sims 4 thing. A tropical island setting was the last thing I expected. Especially since last year or the year before when Microsoft brought back the avatars, they let you have someone who was in a wheelchair or had a prosthetic limb.

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It’s all so frustrating, yeah, it’s nice to know we haven’t been completely forgotten but the randomly dying thing is just so…weird I guess? I don’t understand why they thought that was a good fix? Honestly I probably would have taken invisible disabilities being something that was written on a character and then never followed through on to this, it just doesn’t really make any sense as a way of including disabled people

It annoys me that the disabled are basically only in media to show how compassionate an able-bodied person is or show how progressive a society is by prioritizing access. A lot of objectification, not a lot of subjectification.

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It’s frustrating and narrow-minded of Ubisoft to come so far in terms of their efforts to have more representation in their games but to continue to leave people in situations such as OP out of their equation. Sorry for and completely understanding of your plight <3

again and again i am overwhelmed by the outpouring of love solidarity and support for the ‘other’ in this community… its impossible to find anywhere else in games imo