Everyone Hates it But You


I checked, but didn’t see any similar forums threads about this, so I thought I’d go ahead and create one (if this already exists, my bad).

The Prince of Persia reboot for the PS3/360 received almost universal hatred. However, I felt it was one of the most fun “parkour” games I’ve played. People knocked it for being too forgiving (if you fell, you were literally brought back to the last solid platform without any punishment). But I found that this allowed for more experimentation and led to a better play experience. People also hated the combat (or lack thereof), but I didn’t feel like this was a sequel to the previous generation’s PoP games, but closer to something something like Mirror’s Edge, which has a very specific path that you are trying to navigate and the entire game is built around completing the path. However, I grew overly frustrated at Mirror’s Edge, especially as I’m the kind of person who likes to experiment and ME had long loads after you died.

So what game did you love that everyone else seemed to hate?


I think the sharpest contrast for me is Has-Been Heroes. That game has a 52% Metacritic score and I’ve played it for over 40 hours. I agree that it could have explained some of its systems better which is why it bombed so hard. But after reading a few guides I found myself absolutely addicted to the game. It has some of the most pulse-pounding, intensely strategic moments I’ve experienced in a game. Once you finish the game once, sooo many options are opened to you, and I enjoyed building my team and learning new strategies. I still go back to it even now.


While I agree with most people’s conclusion that Bioshock 2 doesn’t really need to exist, it does make some nice contributions to the lore and just allowed me to spend more time in Rapture, which I can’t complain about. It also gave us one of the best story DLC’s ever, so I appreciate it for that.


Bioshock 2 is better than Infinite. There I said it.


agreed on every front: better gameplay, more aesthetically interesting, and slightly less absurdly bad story


Sonic Shuffle was, IMO, better then any Mario Party game. Was it cheesy, had some poorly explained mechanics and long load times? Yes but the card mechanic, free board roam, and not forcing you to do a mini game every turn was what made it better. It meant you could plan your moves and not rely on the luck of the die. When cards did do the rotating in the air and press A to stop you could actually time it fairly easily to get what you wanted and the game rewarded you for doing so in battles. On top of all that the game didn’t take 4 hours to finish if you chose to do all the precious stones so long as everyone was working towards winning. It also had some really silly visual novel style mini events that could happen that were fun.


Deus Ex: Invisible War. I was a lot younger and less critical of games when I played it (halfway through high school I think), but I still remember really enjoying my time with it. Its sidequests and worldbuilding were creative and engaging and, as someone who likes but is always a bit intimidated by games that are extremely open, I kinda liked how focused everything felt. And the secret one-off weapons were a lot of fun.

Also, it has a phenomenal ending that I hated when I played it but have since come to appreciate because of how bleak it is (despite me normally being down on bleak-for-bleakness’-sake endings). No matter what you do, someone with questionable motives and methods is going to inherit control of the world, and your job is effectively to pick the least bad overlord of everything. Deus Ex 1 did something a bit similar, but Deus Ex 1’s ending was at least a little hopeful. Invisible War’s was not, and after two games of watching this dystopian world fall apart, it seems fitting that none of its possible conclusions offer to make it all better.


I knew I joined these forums for a reason.


I don’t even think this is controversial at this point tbh. Everyone I talk to would agree with this afaik


I’m right there with you OP on the Prince of Persia reboot. One thing that never gets mentioned is how good the ending is, with the Prince basically undoing everything he had done and damning the world out of love for Elika. Somehow The Last of Us gets all the praise for its unexpected ending, and I’m like dawg, PoP did that years ago.

Also, I have to throw down the gauntlet for Halo Wars. Sure it was on the simplistic side for RTS games, but I’ve spent at least a hundred hours just playing skirmishes. It’s definitely on the top of my list for games I like to zone out to.


I’m finding I might have a higher tolerance for mediocre/just okay action RPGs compared to others.
For example, while I’m admittedly not that far in, I don’t think Valkyria: Azure Revolution (the actual localized title and the reasons given for it are bad, fite me Sega) is quite as bad as the reviews I’ve seen make it out to be. In fact, I really think the hate it gets is just because it’s a mostly unexceptional ARPG with the same branding as a very exceptional strategy RPG as opposed to being judged on its own merits. Which, granted, is understandable - I personally would have preferred even some kinda redo of Valkyria Chronicles 3 - but I just don’t think it warrants some of the comments that’ve been tossed its way.


I love Minesweeper.

EDIT: Also, Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (and the PS2 remake). It has a wholly unique combat system that I’ve never seen in another game, it’s the introduction of the story elements that went on to expand the KH universe into what it is now, and it has an entirely different campaign with a different protagonist and tweaked combat that you unlock when you beat it. Also, listen to this hot track. Are you kidding me?


I almost made my post here about Infinite, because I know this community ranks it somewhere between Sonic 2006 and the Zelda CD-i games, and I’m… ah… one of those tasteless people who still really like it.

I agree that its politics are on the whole pretty shitty, and it’s definitely reasonable for people to dislike it because of that, but I think its art direction is top-notch and its atmosphere and worldbuilding are incredibly good (Comstock House in particular sticks in my mind). Its story is absurd but it’s absurd in an off-the-wall sci-fi way that I quite enjoy, and it’s one of only two games I’ve ever played that have made a glorified escort mission a legitimately enjoyable experience (the other being Ico). Perhaps more controversially, I think its commentary on organized religion is more nuanced than it’s given credit for, but it has been a while since I’ve played it so maybe my memory is inflating something that wasn’t really there.

That’s not to say it hasn’t been outdone since—things like SOMA and Wolfenstein: TNO have definitely done more justice by a lot of Infinite’s core ideas, but not enough to make me as down on the game as a lot of other people seem to be.


I’ve always enjoyed Infinite from a story perspective (except for the Daisy Fitzroy section). I just think the gameplay really sucks. Also, is it really an escort mission if she can’t die or be harmed in any way?


BioShock 2 is better than all of them. Minerva’s Den, in particular, is the best.


Fable III… is good. Even the third act of Fable III is still good.


Look. Legend of Zelda: Spirit Tracks was a solid game that gave Zelda a cute personality, and even if some of the things that spooked her were really gendered and entrenched in the princess archetype, I really enjoyed her company. After having the last two Celda games shove Tetra off to the side once she was revealed to be Zelda, it was nice to have a game where Zelda keeps herself in the story as herself almost by pure gumption. I know it didn’t bring much new to the franchise, but it’ll always have a place in my heart. I love that damn train, and I love these two adorable children whose story I got to experience.

On a more petty note, the “jokes” about how the game ‘railroaded the player’ are legitimately hilarious. Considering almost every Zelda game I’d played until Link Between Worlds blocked progression until you did a certain thing, I feel like it was a really strange point for critics of the game to try and put down as a negative here where they hadn’t pointed it out before.


I’ll go further and say BioShock 2 is the only really great one.

The first one is just okay


Anyone here ever play Ogre Battle 64? Definitely not for everyone, but I absolutely love it.


That’s more a cult classic. The people who played it at the time mostly really liked it and I think 1UP even reviewed the virtual console release and gave it a pretty good score ten years later