Everyone Hates it But You


The 2007 Shadowrun shooter for Xbox and PC.

I played this game for, probably, hundreds of hours. It has an amazingly adaptable skills systems, allowing for experimentation on the fly. I see it as an early progenitor to the current wave of skills/ hero based shooters.

It suffered from a paucity of content and to be entirely frank, it didn’t work online when it was first released. That kind of killed any momentum it could have had and justifiably so really. I think it was scuppered by Microsoft forcing cross platform play onto it.
Those of us that stuck with it still hold incredibly fond memories of it even now.

It is actually playable on backwards compatibility via Xbox one.


Mad Max. I really feel like that game got an incredibly raw deal, because it basically gave me exactly what I was looking for, a varied open world with tons of little things to do, some impressive strongholds, different bosses, cool car customization. And an amazing post-apocalyptic world. Holy crap was that game amazing to live in.

I’d also add DARK, that weird purple vampire AssCreed ripoff, but even I hate it…but I hate it with a loving passion. It’s so bad it’s good. They really tried to make this cool, stealth action cybergoth game. I like games that try real hard.


I really like Mad Max. The only thing I can think of that would improve it for me is the nemesis system from Shadow of Mordor.


i honestly found that to be one of the most fun parts of the game, seeing a map where i couldn’t use the obvious solution and having to think way outside the box just to scrape by. honestly without the laws system throwing a wrench in the works i don’t think the game would be all that challenging


Here’s another bombshell, Skyward Sword. I know it’s hand holdy. I know the motion controls can suck. I know there’s not much world to explore… But I love it.


Did you ever play the Warcraft 3 mod for Counter-Strike? That’s what this Shadowrun always reminded me of.


I liked Andromeda.

It had a warm and friendly feel, good characters, fun combat and I actually quite enjoyed driving across the desert.


I did to! I don’t really have anything to add.

I do agree with the criticisms of it’s handling of colonialism for sure though


Wet. Yeah, it was a bit rough around the edges, and its final boss is a QTE, but that game’s got styyyyyyyyle. It did the skydiving shootout years before Uncharted or Saint’s Row, and there are moments where it combines slo-mo shooting with Prince of Persia-style platforming that really come together in a great way. I hate that there was never a PC port so I currently have no way of revisiting it.

It also gets bonus points for having a bad-ass heroine that isn’t objectified.


Dragon Age 2! It’s one of my all-time favorites, even though I know people dislike the all of the dying and repetitive maps.


I’m uncertain if I do or don’t agree to be honest. It’s fair to say that first contact with the Kett wasn’t handled well, but the laser focus on that moment ignores the way more interesting stuff with the Angara, who are actually the natives of that star cluster, the Kett are in fact colonial invaders themselves (a story choice I assume they made specifically because of that colonial criticism).


I think DA2 has some of the best character work in the whole series. Someone once proposed that the repetitive maps are because it’s Varric telling the story and he gets bored describing fighting and scenery, and that works for me.


Loved that game! :slight_smile: :slight_smile: Killer soundtrack too.


Oh man, I thought of a much better one for this: the Skylanders series.

I won’t defend its physical DLC model that managed to get worse every year, but there’s still something magical about putting those figures down and seeing them come to life on the TV. Even after Disney Infinity came out, I preferred the streamlined action/platformer gameplay, the creative new characters, and the handcrafted levels of Skylanders compared to the sandbox-y jack-of-all-trades master-of-none approach that Infinity took.

Of course, the biggest reason of all is that my 4-year-old loves the series. We play coop together, I read the guidebooks to him, and we talk about which characters we like the best. It’s great.


You might find this video interesting:

Don’t know much about the game itself, but hearing about it from the perspective of a game tester is interesting.


Just thought of another one. Max Payne 3. While I think 2 is the most fun to actually play out of the entire series, Max Payne 3 is stylistically and narrative more up my alley and good lord I’ve never been exhausted by violence in a game like I have with this. Every shoot out feels like the damn hallway fight from old boy. People just falling over left and right. Especially Max. I know people complained about there being less shoot-dodging in this one (they’re kind of wrong though) but when you do pull off a shoot dodge, the way Max lands isn’t like in 1 or 2. He hits the damn floor. And you can lay there and roll and pull off shots and sometimes, at the end of a gun fight I’d realize I was holding my breath and I’d just stay there on the floor for a minute.

Actually, I think Max Payne 3 might be my favorite Rockstar game.


ALSO, the OST is one of the best in games and I listen to it on its own a lot.


Never even heard of it, I’m afraid. It certainly owed a debt to Counterstrike mechanics. It is also similarly barebones in content and presentation.Or at least Counterstike was back then.

Unfortunately Shadowrun annoyed all the hardcore RPG fans, so the knives were out for it from the start.

What was the deal with the mod? I might look it up when I’m not at work.


It allowed you to choose a class and gave you supernatural powers that you wouldn’t otherwise have, such as the ability to shoot a grappling hook, teleport, go Predator-style invisible, or recover HP from shooting enemies, stuff like that. You also gained XP throughout a map rotation and could choose which abilities to level up. There was also a “Superhero” mod that did similar things, but I always liked the WC3 mod more because the abilities felt like “hacks”.


Sounds super interesting. Never had a gamin PC, so always missed out on this whole sphere of gaming.