Everyone Hates it But You


I don’t love it, but I keep playing Fallout 4. I’m not exactly sure why. I really like the character I have made and built, but I dislike: The combat, the writing, the weird way people’s faces move when they talk, and how constantly buggy it is. I finished the main story about 70 hours of game ago. I have over a hundred hours logged on steam. I have a pretty long backlog that I should get around to.

But whenever I switch from using my computer to work to using it for gaming, I deliberate for a few minutes and then inevitably boot up FO4.


On games already mentioned by others:

I frickin love Spirit Tracks. ghost zelda is best zelda. ghost zelda is best Annoying Talking Companion. It has a really cute sense of humour (the villain sneaking off while link and zelda do their little victory pose animation? LOVE IT), it’s just, very charming.
There is concept art in the hyrule historia of a boat inside a giant cogwheel and it makes my heart ache for what might have been.
(It, does have a kind of colonial vibe I do not like.“I, Zelda, the rightful bearer of the Lokomo’s spirit pipes” eesh let’s not hey)

People complain about the controls of Skyward Sword but here’s a story about why I loved them:
In the first dungeon there’s these three-headed hydra things, that you have to get the angle right to hit all three heads in one swing. Each one took me AGES first time through. Later on in the game, I’m back in this dungeon hunting Goddess Cubes or whatever, and I’m just tearing through them. Oh hey hydra thing, WHAM, done. I actually physically got better at the game? And I love that.

The repetitive dungeons in Dragon Age 2 were, for me, vastly preferable to the endlessly long tedious winding never-ending corridors of Origins. I just. God.
I also enjoyed, like, all my teammates in 2? Where I basically played Origins for Alistair.
(I haven’t played Inquisition yet but I found it really hard to figure out if I’d like it from reading reviews because they all seemed to be framed like ‘okay obviously we all think Origins was perfect and 2 was irredeemable trash’ which uh, is not my stance at all.)

The laws in Final Fantasy Tactics Advance were wonderful. Yeah I got into a fight really early on that disallowed the Fight command, yeah it was a nightmare, but, I did it, and it ruled, actually.
I enjoy, sometimes deciding that yeah, okay it’s worth breaking this law this time. I like that you could do that, that it wasn’t ‘this thing is not possible to do in this fight’, but ‘this thing carries a penalty’. Yeah.
I have A2 but when I’ve tried to play I’ve not gotten into it? I don’t know.


Spirit Tracks has been mentioned twice now, and I just wanna bring up that… I had no idea that people hated this game. It’s so charming, the soundtrack is stellar, it made great use of features the DS had, and playing with/as Zelda is great. I can see why someone wouldn’t like the train segments, but they’re implemented well enough that it never felt anymore tedious to me than moving around in any of the other Zelda games.


Seconding (thirding? fourthing?) Spirit Tracks. Ghost Zelda is the best companion character the series has ever had (except maybe Tatl, the god of snark), and I really enjoyed the train system. The touchscreen controls for both DS Zeldas were also pretty fantastic, and the soundtrack was absolutely phenomenal.

I hear Phantom Hourglass get a lot of hate too, so let’s add that to the mix. I may be entirely misguided, but I actually enjoyed the Temple of the Ocean King. And that “close the DS to transfer the mark puzzle” is still the most creative use of the DS hardware I’ve ever seen.


It’s not great but Wolfenstein 2009 is an enjoyable shooter with fun magic powers that change up how you fight enemies and an interesting take on a hub world.


I’m going to throw out Battleborn as a game that I actually really enjoyed. Divorced from the opinions surrounding Gearbox and Randy Pitchford, the game that came out actually had plenty of interesting gameplay that offered a good time.

Its single player functioned a lot like missions from Destiny or The Division that followed the “Get to point A and defend objective X from incoming hordes of enemies”, but it had a great presentation and a good personality (when it wasn’t straying into being too abrasive and/or annoying).

The multiplayer, while often unbalanced, had some cool ideas too. I’m not a MOBA player by nature, but I actually enjoyed dabbling in equipping sets and trying out different builds. It’s unfortunate that the game was postured against Overwatch so strongly given that they’re really different takes on the “hero shooter” idea.

Battleborn was not a perfect game, but I have to wonder how it would have done we’re it not overshadowed by Overwatch and public opinion of Gearbox as a whole.


Hello, the SIN Episodes: Emergence defender has logged on.


I seem to remember renting that game and enjoying it. It was really schlocky with it’s gore, but the hub world opened up the game with a degree of exploration and open ended combat. Never finished it, but I seem to remember fighting a giant bug?


It does my heart good to see so many people speaking the truth, which is that Dragon Age 2 is actually pretty damn good. I am very much a fan of the game, repeating maps be damned. It has a great narrative (well, at least up until the end if you’re siding with the mages, where they inexplicably turn into blood mages - although the situation is so desperate by then that it almost works). I like the idea of Hawke being seen as this great mover and shaker when in actuality they just happened to be at the right place at the right time - and then they really couldn’t even do anything to prevent disaster in the end. There are not a lot of games that go after the Chosen One thing (hell, the other Dragon Age games definitely don’t), so I really like it for that.

Plus Isabella is the fucking BEST.


I think it’s a much better game than Inquisition which was overladden with too much stuff and characters I just didn’t care much about by comparison. shrugs


Oh yeah, the pro Dragon Age 2 stance on this forum has me feeling wonderfully vindicated. I knew it was good, I knew it.

And yeah, I’m really into Hawke being the Champion of Kirkwall just through circumstance, rather than actually being especially heroic or whatever.
There’s always a bit of a disconnect for me when people refer to the Origins protagonist as The Hero of Ferelden because, uh, that’s clearly Alistair (rightful heir, slew the usurper, graciously abdicated to let the queen reign, sacrificed himself to end the blight) not my dude (elf mage, freed at least one demon, murdered at least one noble child, burned down amaranthine).


I will keep standing on this soapbox until my legs crumble beneath me, but Crysis 2. I am eternally saddened by the fact that Crysis 2 is only remembered for “betraying” PC gamers (I.E having an options menu shorter than the games’ code) rather than being remembered for how wonderful an iteration it was on the first Crysis - with maps that were smaller in size but had a much larger variety of gameplay approaches, with better HUD and power design in order to allow better tactical efficiency in-the-moment.
or how it’s basically the best independence day video game adaptation ever made, or how the story was surprisingly good(well, not that surprisingly, as it was written by Richard K. Morgan - who also wrote Syndicate!) and the presentation was absolutely fantastic, or how the game is chock-full of awesome setpieces without restricting your playstyle(the helicopter fight, the collapsed bridge, my god).
Crysis 2 also had one of my straight-up favourite villains ever - Jacob Hargreave. Seriously, just listen to the guy. SO GOOD
I honestly believe that crysis 2 was one of the best FPS games of the 7th generation

Also I really liked Bioshock Infinite ¯_(ツ)_/¯


I haven’t finished either so I can’t tell you if it’s a bug you fight, but yeah the combat is open and fun enough to make it worthwhile.


I can’t help but feel bad for the developers of EA’s Battlefront. Almost every time it’s brought up, there’s nothing but contempt for it. Just playing for a few minutes, you can see how much love has been poured into it. The sound effects, map design, animations are near perfection. The Outer Rim DLC in particular has some of the most well designed competitive maps I’ve ever seen.

Dennis Brännvall, who lead the small team that worked on content post-launch, was constantly responding to feedback on Twitter as well. The rest of the team did too. The community even convinced them to remove helmetless stormtroopers, which had become a running joke for the longest time. Apart from Blizzard, I can’t think of a big studio that’s more engaged with their community than DICE.


Hunted: The Demon’s Forge.

I thought thought the premise of third-person shooter as dungeon crawler was an interesting and really cool idea. The game didn’t execute on it as well as it could have, and it wasn’t the most polished game, but I had a lot of fun with it.



Those Imprisioned battles drove me up the wall!

But I agree, as kooky as that game was, hands down one of the best stories in a Zelda, right up there with Twilight Princess.


Far Cry Primal.

I never thought I’d have so much fun playing a Far Cry game that didn’t have guns in it, but I got to have a honey badger as a pet and that made me super happy.


I LOVED Far Cry Primal. I don’t think it deserves even half the hate that it gets.


The multiplayer might be the most underrated aspect of that game. I’m extremely surprised Gang Wars never became a popular thing. Nothing was more satisfying than pulling off a successful shootdodge against other players. It’s such a shame no one plays it anymore.


I like pretty much all games that i play to be honest. Mostly i’ve felt that the games i liked the most that others seemed to strongly dislike were Inquisition and Invisible War.