Everything You Need To Know Before Playing 'Destiny 2: Shadowkeep'

Destiny 2: Shadowkeep is dropping on October 1st, and as with every new Destiny expansion there’s the usual slew of questions from players new and old: What should I do to get ready for the next expansion? With Destiny is entering its sixth year, it can be difficult to parse the sheer amount of content available, both in and out of the game.

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Thanks for this roundup, Cado! Having been interested but unable to keep up with the directors cuts, narrative previews and TWABs all at once I really appreciate this.

If anyone has a link to Bungie’s explanation of this part, I would really appreciate it:

Just make sure you have the time to finish the campaign before October 1st, because all campaign progress for Forsaken , Warmind , Curse of Osiris , and the Base Game will reset that day.

Is there a clean finish line for the forsaken campaign? Does that mean unlocking the Dreaming City, or just through the final level with the big taken meatball? (Asking for a friend who is my Titan who has been mostly napping this year and is still rocking Perfect Paradox…)

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I hadn’t heard anything about this until reading here, but I assume it means as follows

AFAIK the final Forsaken mission is unlocking the Dreaming City, yes


One thing I’d really like to see from the game with this soft-relaunch is a better sense of what you should be doing, and what you’re actually getting out of it.

I started playing again a couple weeks ago, and there’s so many compartmentalized points of progression (planet dailies, older quest chains, etc) that are practically considered deprecated. As far as chasing bigger gear score numbers, it isn’t clear what is and isn’t worth doing at any given time.

Warframe has this problem to a lesser extent, but it does a better job of saying “you should go to this planet for these blueprints, and this planet to get these resources to build it”.


That’s been a challenge for me. I largely checked out of D2 after Black Armory, and trying Gambit Prime and just not enjoying it. I decided to check out what I missed in late-August/early-September, and was just overwhelmed with all the different things to do, and totally feeling lost about what was worth doing. Some of what Bungie has been saying has pointed towards them funneling players towards fewer sources of powerful rewards, so I’m hoping that they can get a better handle on the dynamic of giving people things to do if they want to grind, while not being a totally overwhelming wall of content for those that just want to check in from time to time.

I fell off pretty hard for Season of the Drifter but came back and played quite a bit this last season, but mostly just PVP after farming the menagerie all I wanted. While I didn’t play much of it because the meta loop was so tedious to me, at least Gambit Prime didn’t require a massive amount of grind just to open up the mode. I didn’t even unlock the third forge yet, and I won’t imagine doing it on other characters, so I hope they offer some streamlining to access that material. It would be fun to hop into a forge once in a while – even on an alt that, god forbid, hasn’t complete hours and hours of grind first!

They are talking about this going forward. I believe the intention is that every player should start each new season at an accessible level, and that a majority of previous season powerful rewards will be depreciated, so it should be clearer that if you want powerful rewards then you need to do the current thing.

I’m optimistic that they are going to reverse the trend of last year (disconnected story, but connected power grind) and instead focus on a years story line, whilst each seasons power grind will be self-contained and indipendant.

Also, @Homemade_Pizza if you’re doing forges you really want to be doing them at Bergusia, since it’s the only one that drops the curated weapons (which drop as an additional drop, which is nice). It should be unlocked for all characters, regardless of if they’ve unlocked the others or not

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Oh! I didn’t realize this and will go confirm! I’ve been sitting on the hard version of Insight Terminus for months… does this mean I could have gone and done Bergusia all this time?

I believe so, yes! I haven’t done the full quests on my other two characters and they still have access to Bergusia

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