Evo President on Administrative Leave Following Misconduct Allegations

The president of the influential gaming tournament Evo, Joey Cuellar, has been placed on administrative leave, following accusations of misconduct involving underage boys.

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Pretty major move from NetherRealm happening in solidarity. Good on them.

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Street fighter is out as well


EVO Online cancelled, Mr. Wizard being removed from company.

Also: this was mentioned in the fighting game thread, but the Smash community is having a particularly gruesome reckoning right now, with multiple allegations of TW: rape, assault, pedophilia, and grooming and multiple organizations kicking involved players/commentators to the curb. If you’re at all sensitive to any of that, you’d probably be best served avoiding any Smash community content for a good long while, because it’s the only thing anyone is talking about.

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Meanwhile in NetherRealm studios

CW: Gas lighting

Another former employee, who also requested anonymity, said they and a workmate filed a formal complaint about NetherRealm Studios with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission.

“We brought up the harassment, the bathroom issue, the secret nicknames that the devs had for all the female employees, the lack of women who actually had full-time jobs, the singling-out that we experienced, etc etc. It took a year for the EEOC to decide that apparently nothing bad had happened and on top of it all NRS insulted my coworker and me, telling us we were misremembering everything and taking personal jabs at our skills,” they told us.

Excuse me if I don’t take this as NRS doing this just for the publicity while knowing that EVO Online is not a big deal.


Not gonna lie, this news completely slipped under my radar. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!

I’m not surprised at all that Mr. Wizard turned out to be a piece of shit. I’ve heard numerous complaints about his behaviour towards attendees over the years, especially towards attendees who happened to be black :thinking: :thinking: :thinking:

Nothing this bad though. Glad EVO as an organization did the right thing and gave him the boot.

Now hopefully they can finally do the same thing for Infiltration…