Examining PewDiePie, Toxicity, and Mob Rule in Gaming


This month's digest from Critical Distance focuses on online harassment and toxicity in gaming culture.

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Zoe Quinn taught me that Dumpster always has to be capitalized because it’s a brand, much like Lego. Thanks Zoe!

But yeah, what an absolute dumpster fire of a month for gaming let alone life in general. And unfortunately it’s all out of the cycle. PDP’s management and publicists managed to speedily push his rascist moment out of the public eye. Valve decided it doesn’t give a heck about developers and just highlighted how much Steam has become a vector to hurl abuse at developers on top of being a digital distribution platform (So much for “Good Guy Gabe” changing the face of gaming back in 2011) and no surprise, gamers have always been racist and craptacular people because of the culture. And the most interesting part? No platform wanted to touch it with a barge pole. No consequences at all. What an interesting time we live in, in gaming.