Excuse Me, You Can Click a Button to Reveal Hidden PlayStation Trophies?

PlayStation 4 trophies have always eluded me. Trophies are a fun, if ultimately pointless, way to track your progress through a game and score bragging rights on your friends. They’re digital proof you’ve beaten an optional boss in Bloodborne, defeated all the Valkyries in God of War, or discovered all of Peter Parker’s backpacks in Spider-Man. Most of a game’s trophies are listed so the player knows exactly what they need to do. But some are hidden, mystery trophies that don’t tell you what you need to do to earn them. It turns out that learning the secrets behind those hidden achievements was as easy as hitting a button.

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I had absolutely no idea

This is mindblowing to me. I’m glad story-based trophies are hidden, but after I finish a game, sometimes I’m curious but don’t want to google. Great feature. Had no idea.

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I feel like a hipster genius because I’ve known about this for… maybe three months or so?

I appreciate that they just accepted the fact that this information was readily available elsewhere, and that their little charade didn’t really stop anyone who wanted to know. And if you keep the trophies in the original order, it’s usually pretty easy to tell which ones are hidden for spoiler reasons.

I guess the collective forgot. I feel like I read about this on some gaming site when it was updated. And my curiosity has made me use it since then.