Exploring the Uncanny, Sci-Fi Dystopias of Simon Stålenhag


The first piece of Simon Stålenhag’s work that I remember seeing is mostly a parking lot. A green incandescent street-lamp lights two figures standing beside an idling car, brake lights red. They are bundled up in coats and hug their arms to them. Rising up on a hill on the left side of the image is a suburban house, warm windows, and in the distance we can see the sprawl of a town at night. The tarmac of the parking lot is wet.

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this was a great interview it made me cry in the library… i went and bought electric state im really excited for it and glad that i know simon staalenhag exists now : )

this is also my first post hi everyone!


Cannot wait to get home and read this!!!


I always loved Simon Stalenhar’s art. Good interview.