Extra Life: Saving Kids by Playing Games


Did a quick search and besides some references to games people played on there day, it did not seem like anyone has really talked about the fundraiser. Figured we needed a topic on it. With how positive this community is, there has to be more people participating in it this year then just me here.

For those of you who do not know yet, Extra Life is the gamer started, 24 hr gaming marathon to raise money for the Children Miracle Network Hospitals around the country. It started in 2008 and has grown drastically every year since, raising $1Mil in 2011, growing to 100,000 people participating in 2014, and last year reaching $30+ Mil since it started. Alot of companies and communities join together to raise money all around the country to help different hospitals.

When someone signs up to participate, they get to choose what hospital the money they raise goes to. So if you know there is a hospital in your area that is one of the many Miracle Network Hospitals in the country, you can pick them to help out and everything you raise goes to them.

Then on the day of the marathon, or a day that you pick; you get up, you pick up a controller and you play for 24 hrs in hopes to raise even more money to help out sick kids in need. You can stream you marathon if you want, its not needed but hey, its sometimes more fun to get people to watch you play as you try to help others. Now theirs even a second day earlier in the year dedicated to playing Table Top and Board games, if that is more your style.

The marathon day is on November 4… yes daylight savings time for most, so it ends up actually being 25 hours, with an official make up day the fallowing weekend, but people can pick any day to do the marathon. The fundraising stays open until the end of the year, so people have plenty of time to raise and make there goal.

To all those who are participating, good luck, be safe, and have fun. And to those who will watch on in enjoyment as we slowly fall into sleep deprived madness, wish us luck, have fun, and thank you for any help you can give.
Now for the other reason I wanted this topic, SHILLING OUR FUNDRAISING AND TWITCH PAGES. And also seeing what people are planing to play and to see if anyone wants to join up in a community game of something on the day.

This will be my 4th year participating, and as of last year I raised $1898.70 for the hospital in my neck of the woods.(A buddy of mine $133.7 at some point to be cute) I’m trying to raise $1000 this year and at this point I’m at $250. If anyone wishes to help me out, my fundraising page is https://www.extra-life.org/participant/TravisDvoracek .

I will also be streaming the whole thing on the marathon day(Nov 4th). I plan on starting with some older games on the PS3, probably some MegaMan Legends and either Demon Souls or the Sega Ultimate Collection. Then move on to the PS4 with Destiny 2, Gundam VS and one of either Nier A, Dishonored 1, or Odin Sphere. Evening, I should have friends over for games like Jackbox and other Multiplayer games(will try to have it so online people can join in too). Then the rest of the night is a grab bag as go ever more insane from sleep deprecation. I’ll be looking for people to play with at that point as well, if anyone wants to join in. I would also like to talk to some people and get a Raid party going for the day in Destiny. Don’t know if we can do it all in one day or if we need to take a day before hand and get half of it done first.
You can view all that wonderful chaos on my Twitch channel: https://www.twitch.tv/ledeshhevent

If there are others who are join in on the festivity with there own fundraising, I’ll try to keep track and update this post with others fundraising page and twitch page. And maybe next year we make a Waypoint Team if there isn’t one already.

And again, Thank you and good luck.

Name | Donation Page | Twitch Page



I don’t think I could manage to play for that long let alone stream it. But good luck to everyone else! I might post some of your streams on twitter to help advertise so more people donate hopefully.


Hey! I’m doing Extra Life over with the Giant Bomb crew, but it’s always cool to see other folks who are.

Last year, we had a lot of success with Extra Life and it sort of happened by accident. I dragged a few friends over and we played a bunch of games–and ended up raising something like $3,455 from very generous friends and random internet passers-by. This sort of got us into it, and this year we’re aiming bigger. We’ve already surpassed last year’s total, sitting at $3,649 right now, and we’re shooting for at least $5,000 by Sunday morning.

Me and some friends will be streaming from the Cambridge Innovation Center in Cambridge, MA, and we’re aiming to do a little more than just play 25 hours (remember the DST change!) of games. No–we’re looking at having friends come in to rep the best of the Boston games community. Some neat developers are slated to drop by, as CIC is holding a big in-person event the day of, as should some reps from the local FGC who’ll try–probably in vain–to teach Hat-the-Tekken-guy how to play Street Fighter V. Before Hat-the-Tekken-guy goes and plays in the Giant Bomb FGC Tekken 7 tournament on the internet. We miiiiight have a few special surprises up our sleeve, too; nothing I can talk about, but it should be a fun watch.

As far as other games go–when we don’t have guests, we’ll be playing games. A bunch of four-player stuff is on the docket; we really like Gang Beasts and Overcooked, and I’ve got a block cordoned off for Mount Your Friends. When the sun goes down, we’ll be taking requests if they’re fun and during the overnight I might archive-binge on my old games collection.

If you’re interested, follow me on Twitch, where we’ll be doing this thing starting at 10AM Eastern on November 4: https://twitch.tv/tracecomplete

And our donation page: https://bit.ly/xldonate


See, that’s the thing I would love to do. Make it really big for yourself and make it an event… More so then it already is. I would love to do something like that. I really should try and talk to some of the table top and video gaming community to make it a bigger thing. That sounds like alot of fun. I know some places are already doing stuff in town, one of the comic shops have been advertising EL for a couple months now. I should talk to them.


For sure. Working with other folks helps. Like, last year we did $3,455 out of my house, but the show was kinda bad (I was, and arguably still am, a scrub at video production). This year we should be a lil’ bit nicer and a lil’ bit cleaned-up, as I’ve gotten a little better at things, and hopefully it’ll be a better show for the folks who’ve put down the $5,000 we’ve already hit and what we raise the rest of the way.


Today is game day and I’m just starting my stream in a couple min. 8am here so I’m still waking up. We have, as far as I know, 2 people participating, @AFashionableHat and I. I have our links to our streams an donation pages at the first post.

Wish us luck and, for me at least, join in on a game maybe if its a available. Later tonight some friends and i will be playing the new JackBox so people can get in on the voting. Lets have fun with this, its for kids.


Just finished. That was a trip. $6,100 raised for EMHS Foundation in Bangor, ME (63nd out of 45,848 right now, 4rd overall on the Giant Bomb team and that’s behind them, No Goblin, and Dave Lang–wow!) and I couldn’t be happier. Well–I could be happier, if that number was bigger, but that number is pretty big given that last year we were five dudes sitting on a couch in the spare bedroom of my apartment and this year some itinerant wrestling promoter let us use his swank office.

I would love to help start a fun Waypoint team for Extra Life. I think Waypoint has some really cool folks around and we could have a bunch of fun. If there’s some interest (my group generally starts low-key prep pretty early, usually just after PAX East, though real planning is the 3-4 weeks before the event), I’d be happy to do the legwork.


I may be able to help a bit at least through twitter. I have somewhat of a following, for some reason. So if you ever do this again put out a link and I’ll put tweet it out.


I’ll cut a highlights video at some point soon (45GB of stuff to cut through) but here’s a photo album from our weekend: