F1 Had a Hamilton-Verstappen Photo Finish, So Why Is Everyone Mad at Michael Masi?

Throughout the closest F1 championship in the sport’s history, the duel between Red Bull's Max Verstappen and Mercedes' Lewis Hamilton has always involved a third-party antagonist: F1 officials, and their wild inconsistency. On Sunday at the season finale in Abu Dhabi, any remaining doubts about F1 Race Director Michael Masi and F1's overall officiating were laid to rest as the championship was decided by an unusual race-restart that guaranteed Verstappen an empty-net shot at the championship and a staged photo finish. 

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I have nil interest in racing and especially Formula 1, though I do occasionally read stories like this. You’ve made the whole context easy to understand, and it was an entertaining read. Thank you.

Also, "the most expensive traveling circus in the world’ is a pretty apt moniker.

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Rob Zacny, keep doing king shit like this.