F1 Is a Strategy Game, and Ferrari Are Bad at It

If you are getting into Formula 1 (and it's one of the fastest growing sports in the US so it’s a good bet a lot of you are) the strategic elements of it can be hard to parse. The race telecast focuses on leading drivers whipping through corners, or cuts away to battles for position as they erupt among mid-pack cars, but it has always struggled to tell the story of race strategy. It will give you intervals showing how a lead is growing or shrinking, but that’s really just the effect of strategy playing out rather than the strategy itself.

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Ferrari remains a team stuck in damage limitation mode, less interested in winning races than they are consumed by the fear of losing them.

Yup, sounds like the Vic Fangio Broncos. Worst kind of team to follow is this kind of thing.


Reminds me of Joe Judge Running a QB Sneak on 3rd and 9 to get a little more room for their punter, in a game they were losing by 3 in the second quarter. Singlehandedly the saddest sports play I think I’ve ever seen.

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