'Falcon Age' Is a Damning Anti-Colonialist Story In Search of a Better Game

My name is 0507. At least, that’s what my robotic wardens call me. I’m stuck in a prison operated by the Outer Ring Company, an interstellar mining corporation that hops from world to world, draining planets of their resources. And to them, a number is all anyone needs: simple, clean, universal identification.

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That was a wonderful review. Nice job.

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I’ll probably still get it. The dev team has some impressive talent in it and I hope they get another shot.

" I’m happy Outerloop set out to make a game about resisting colonialism, and I hope more developers follow suit"

I like to think that a personal favourite game Pillars of eternity 2 Do take an interesting take on colonialism, were you as a player must navigate between at least four major cultures.

quote by Cameron Kunzelman
“It’s legitimately interesting, touches on the game’s extended themes of colonialism (which I cannot go into at length here because this truly is a game about colonialism), and it makes up for the inevitable dungeon crawl that exists at the conclusion of the mission

Just catching up on all my Waypoint reads, and just wanted to echo an earlier comment that this was really an excellent review.

There’s now an ever-growing list of VR games that I’m genuinely curious and/or interested in. I will probably cave at some point and try to swing a PSVR… most likely with the No Man’s Sky VR update.