Fall 2018 Final Exams Support Thread


It’s December, and you know what that means: It’s exam time bay-bee!

Get out yer pens and take your ADHD meds because you should be studying for your final in two days, but you might need some support along the way, so maybe come here if you wanna shoot the breeze?

I used to be a part of a relatively close-knit Discord server, and it really helped touching base with folks that were also in exams this time of year, so I thought it might be helpful to have a space for people to vent, cool off, and (in general) get the support they may not get IRL this time of year for whatever reason.


Is it ok if I ask what final exams are? Why are they a big deal? I have many years of university studies under my belt but not in America (which I am assuming this is about) so I’m a little curious how the systems differ.


In Canada and the US (I don’t have any context for how it works elsewhere) the academic year is typically split into three four-month terms: Fall (Sep-Dec), Winter (Jan-Apr), and Summer (May-Aug). Final exams are basically the end-of-term tests that evaluate your knowledge of the courses you’ve taken over the term.

They’re a big deal because (at least at my university) they normally account for 50+% of your final grade for a course, and they all happen during the last couple of weeks of the term.


Oh, you guys have three terms? That sucks here in Poland we only have two, and finals will start somewhere by the end of next month.

That being said I am not looking forward to having to do two finals weeks cause I attend uni every week and art school biweekendly :upside_down_face:


Yikes, that sounds rough, good luck with that.

It’s not so bad here; undergraduate programs are organized so that no courses are required for the summer term (you can take courses in that term but selection’s limited).


At a lot of universities, at least in Canada, the Summer term has a very limited number of courses offered and in my case (I go to an Art university in Toronto) the courses are condensed into one month with two classes a week instead of one.

Final exams are very stressful and I hope everyone taking them in the next month stays healthy and doesn’t overwork themselves! My last day was the 7th, and it was a pretty light day (a short one-on-one critique with my instructor for a couple paintings) so I’m extremely lucky, but grateful none the less.


While summer terms are optional, unless you’re on some kind of coop work study program (in which case summer is often a work term), they can be a good way to shave time off how long a degree will take you. Despite the limited course selection, degrees will often have “breadth” requirements for courses outside your major (typically intro level courses in science for arts majors & vice versa) and those courses are often among the ones available.