Fall On Your Knees: a game about coming home


I’ve just published a new game. Folks in the Waypoint community gave me a lot of really positive feedback on my last game, Soft Earth, so I want to share the new one here.

Fall On Your Knees is a game about going to church on Christmas Eve in a place that no longer remembers you. Gameplay includes: counting the stars; having a bad time; doing your best; the end of the world.

This is a story about the terror of returning home, the inexorable passage of time, and the strange shapes in the sky that seem to be getting closer.

I hope you take a look.

How long has it been since you were here?

Your name is D. You moved away from home. It’s not going well. Tonight, on Christmas Eve, your family has asked you to come to church in the town where you were born. It’s been a long, long time.

What happened out west? Why does the air feel different here? How do you keep moving when the world feels like it’s ending? And what on earth are those strange shapes in the sky?

The night is long, D. I hope you find some answers.

[30 minutes. An interactive story with sound and music. Mobile friendly.]


Soft Earth was delightful, very excited to check this out when I get home from work.


Thank you so much!! If you feel like sharing it with anyone, please do :slight_smile:


Does the game include the horror of returning home to a shower that was apparently installed when the average height was 4’6"? Because that’s where I’m at right now…