Falling in Love with a Doomed Series


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Almost Human was robbed.


For me, playing through the Interplay Fallout series (and New Vegas) was bittersweet for similar reasons, knowing that another big budget Fallout game probably wouldn’t pick up that canon as long as Bethesda was at the helm.
It’s soothed a little bit by games like Wasteland 2, but still, I miss my power armor and philosophy. :disappointed_relieved:


Mass Effect Andromeda killed one of my favorite video game franchises ever and I’m still mad about it. I can’t believe they haven’t ever made another (good) Mercenaries game. The first one was so fantastic. Also: I know that Kingdoms of Amalur had plenty of issues, but there was a lot to love there too. I’m sad we’ll never get any more of that. I really want an Alpha Protocol that isn’t broken.

And where the hell is KOTOR3?

These are the ones that hurt the most when I go back to them (except MEA, which I don’t actually return to…though I do still play ME1-3).

They’ve cancelled a ton of TV shows over the years that I thought were amazing, to the point that I don’t even think I can list them all anymore. Pushing Daisies was too good to be true. The first one I remember being mad about was a show called John Doe that I don’t think anyone watched but me. It was hokey but fun. Dammit.

I guess that’s enough complaining for now.


Remember when Fallout knew that the pre-war world wasn’t actually the '50s? When they realized that nuclear weapons destroyed buildings? That was cool


Video Games: Really upset about the Mass Effect Series. I wanted Andromeda to be good enough to justify Bioware moving forward, and now it could be shelved for years…and I am more worried about it never coming back.

TV: Utopia, Loved the two seasons, and wish it would have continued. If you haven’t seen it, read about it. There are some very violent scenes, and could be a bit triggering to some people. It is definitely a few years too early to hit that “Prestige” TV Timeline.


Being in the “Protect Based Gravity Rush” Squad involves a lot of blind belief that we’ll get another game in the series. We’re on the edge of a cliff here with no gravity powers to speak of.

That said everytime I think it’s over we get a win. Thought GR2 was cancelled but ended up moving to PS4. Thought the servers were done for but they got extended. So maybe when the chips are down we’ll get GR3!


Pushing Daisies ruined me when I was younger. That show was so beautiful and so colorful. I was EXTREMELY sad when it was cancelled.


As a lover of cartoons SO MANY good works of art get cancelled mostly due to either scheduling issues, marketing to the wrong age demographic, or just the whims of executives or advertisers. For a while Disney XD was a channel NOTORIOUS for getting really interesting original action shows and then cancelling them after a season or two. Kick Buttowski, Motorcity, Randy Cunningham 9th Grade Ninja. Personally I feel like it’s because Who is Watching Disney XD??? But I dunno I’m not Nielsen.

Also to this day I’m still baffled how Sym-Bionic Titan got cancelled, the follow-up series of Samurai Jack creator Genndy Tartakovsky. Like Really CN??? Y’all are just gonna do him like that? I’m amazed they got him back to finish Samurai Jack, then again Sony did him dirty too by cancelling his Popeye movie but he still is doing another Hotel Transylvania so I guess when you’re an industry pro you just gotta work through the bullcrap.

Other shows I wished got more seasons: Freakazoid!, Road Rovers, Megas XLR, Time Squad, Beware the Batman, Harvey Beaks, I could go on but those are probably my heavy hitters. Might be forgetting some, but yeh being a cartoon fan is tough sometimes. You just don’t know what’s gonna last, nothing’s a sure thing even if it hits as big as it could.


Life is Strange? Life is Strange.


All my favorites are doomed series.

Alpha Protocol
Dragon’s Dogma

Sometimes, they they get a miraculous second chance because someone somewhere thinks that I deserve at least the littlest amount of love.



Speaking of Disney XD, Tron always gets the short end of the stick. Extremely salty that Tron 3 got cancelled, and Tron: Legacy was better than every other Tron property, and ended on the BIGGEST cliffhanger!


Two shows I can think of that I fell in love with after they had already been cancelled. One was called Reaper. It was a sort of supernatural procedural where the main character finds out on his 21st birthday that his parents sold his soul to The Devil before he was born, and is now being forced to be a bounty hunter of sorts, finding and recapturing escaped souls. It was goofy and fun in a self-aware way, and Ray Wise’s performance as the devil was delightful.

The other was Spectacular Spider-Man (this is the one you’re forgetting, @Tooch). This show still is by far the best Spider-Man cartoon out there, but once Disney decided they didn’t need two Spider-Man animated series running at the same time, and cancelled Spectacular in favor of keeping Ultimate, which was more popular.

I’m not mad that Star Wars: Clone Wars ended, but definitely annoyed that Disney is apparently not interested at all in putting Rebels on any of the big streaming services.


YES tbh it came to mind but the whole Disney-buy-out thing clearly being the reason it was scrapped (even though it was pretty early before the plans for the deal were public I think) kinda set it apart in my head for some weird reason, you’re right tho. I LOVED Spectacular Spider-Man and was actually familiar with the lead character designer Sean Galloway’s art style as Cheeks-74 back on deviantArt!

I tried to get into Ultimate Spider-Man, I watched the first few seasons and it was decent, but it just really felt like they were trying too hard to push the Marvel Animated Universe angle and it messed up anytime they wanted to do Peter Parker Solo Stuff, like they always needed to include his team or find reasons for them to be gone when they didn’t want them. And the art style of every cartoon Marvel did post-Spectacular just didn’t interest me. Bland safe “comic book/cartoon” art. :\


Same!! I dunno why people slept on Tron so hard. I think tbh people’s expectations were too high? But like go try to watch that first movie, it’s not a super rich well to pull from. How it got into Kingdom Hearts still confuses me, but ALSO if the franchise kicked off we could have gotten an updated Tron world in KH3 so now im extra sad haha.


Reaper was great. Forgot about that show. I fell off before its cancellation but should revisit it soon…good stuff.


Silent Hill. It’s borderline impossible for me to even play my favourites in the series (2, 3 and 4) - though they’re good games to have existing as vague semi-misremembered (DARE I SAY SHATTERED) memories. The weird space it occupies in my head has inspired me a lot in creative terms, so doom isn’t all bad.


I still get sad thinking about Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater.


I loved Rubicon. It had such compelling tension and paranoia. Good stuff.

I think a lot about shows and games that I wish ended sooner, rather then prolonging themselves and going downhill in the process. It’s all an interesting discussion of “how much is enough” and “how to end things.”

British TV always seemed better and wrapping up, or at least walking away from, something much sooner than American tv.


I miss defying gravity, a sci fi that was marketed as greys anatomy in space but was so much more. Ended on a huge cliffhanger.