Falling in Love with a Doomed Series


Great point. For every American show that gets cut short too soon, there’s another that is allowed to flail wildly for three or five or seven seasons longer than it ever should have. Very little middleground here. Breaking Bad, maybe? What else?


I’d add the US Office to that list.


I don’t want to be a pessimist but I’m worried that A Song of Ice and Fire may never be completed. Until I visited some ASOIAF forums it never occured to me that Winds of Winter wasn’t just around the corner (I still think this will come out in the next year or two) or that George RR Martin’s age, he’s just about 70, may mean that A Dream of Spring is never completed, never mind the fact that there are so many open threads in the story that it seems very difficult to wrap everything up in just two more books.

There is overwhelming negativity in ASOIAF communities, almost like a mass depression, it it seems most people do not even expect the Winds of Winter to be completed. When I’m feeling optimistic l like to think that Martin is almost done with Winds and if that book can move the plot forward, particularly finish with Mareen, and cull the number of POVs, he’ll have chance of brining it in strongly in the final book. But when you look at the size and complexity of those books and Martin’s age, you have to really hope he gets writing faster.

As for the Game of Thrones TV show, that has become an oversimplified and dumbed down fan fiction, that is no consolation to having the finished books.


This is something I’ve worried about, too. I think I’m probably equally worried he’ll bungle the end of the thing, though, too. I’m at least glad he has a solid end in mind, so that his books don’t end up going to way of something like The Wheel of Time.


I only came to Wheel of Time once it was completed. Those last few books that Jordan wrote really stalled the plot, having a point of view character be a prisoner through multiple books was kind of crazy. Robert Jordan thought he only had one more book to write, but even at Sandersons pace it took three more. ASOIAF is a much more complex story than WOT and Martin has been bad at estimating progress in the past so it may not bode well.
I rereading A Feast for Crows (again) at the moment, when I first read this after A Storm of Swords it was so frustrating and slow. Following Brienne around looking for the Stark girls when we knew perfectly well where they were was maddening after the pace of the previous book, but coming to this with expectations in check I’ve found it much more enjoyable (on my first read I was paying so little attention during these chapters I missed the identity of the gravedigger) and really enjoy the little details all over the place. That said if this series is to be completed that will have to be enough luxuriating in the detail of Westeros and Winds will have to move faster than even Dance with Dragons.


gets on the loudest megaphone in history and yells about D4 DARK DREAMS DON’T DIE


I’d love a new Darkstalkers game and not just have a few characters mined for marvel vs capcom games


Dead Like Me is the number one with a bullet for me, even though it got a direct-to-DVD movie ending. It might be my second favorite TV series? I have a hard time ranking anything past #1, which has forever been DS9. That show’s sensibility and overall attitude still speaks directly to my soul even though I’m not even a teenager anymore.

… at least not in age.

Reaper was great too! It got cancelled just as it was really hitting its stride and growing out of being just a monster of the week show.

The greatest cartoon that barely anyone watched. What a rough era that was, Cartoon Network was putting out some of the best animated series ever produced and almost all of them met ignoble ends. At least the DCAU got a proper send-off, Samurai Jack eventually got finished and Teen Titans had a revival. But what is there for those of us who dig giant robots?


Yes! Put me in the Dead Like Me club as well.

A couple other shows that immediately came to mind were Lie To Me and FlashForward, even if neither of them were the greatest thing on TV.



Has no one mentioned Firefly yet? :open_mouth:

Stargate Universe was also killed way too soon. That show had a lot of flaws but boy did it have hella potential.


Yeah SG:U is the one that springs to mind for me as well. Felt that could have really gone places if given the chance.


I came here specifically to yell about D4 and I am glad someone beat me to the punch. Microsoft sent that game out to die, man. They did my boy Swery dirty.


The Limitless TV show was pretty entertaining, I got into it far too much when it got added to UK Netflix recently. It at least wraps up cleanly, unlike most cancelled series.


Hey, remember when Nintendo localised 3 huge JRPGs for the Wii and of the 3 only Xenoblade took off?

Pandora’s Tower and The Last Story deserved better yo. Even if I havn’t played either of them. But I will, because they both look dope.


Yes to all of these shows. I actually considered mentioning all three of them in my original post. Dead Like Me is the stand out, of course, but Lie To Me had established its characters well and brought something interesting to the table every week, and Flashforward had a great premise and was just starting to hit its stride.


Deadwood and Carnivale are right at the top. I know the talk of a Deadwood movie length episode is still possible but till I am watching it, I can’t get too excited. Carnivale was a bummer though. A massive set up for the next season was a path to nowhere sadly as it got cancelled unexpectedly.


I didn’t realize how many of those shows just fizzled out. Meglas XLR was great!

The DCAU run of Batman:TAS -> Superman: TAS -> Batman Beyond -> Static Shock -> JL/JLU -> Teen Titans was phenomenal.

@Tooch- I really enjoyed the few episodes of Beware the Batman I caught before it got yanked off Netflix.


I recently played both Mirror’s Edge games and while they are both flawed, I love their vision of a game about resistance without extreme violence (I say this while knowing Catalyst’s politics are extremely bad.) Faith is such an unusual protagonist and the way she moves through space is a downright subversion of video game trends and tropes.

I think they were choked by corporate mandate and design. Catalyst’s open world is empty and lifeless, only the barest bones of Ubisoft open world bullshit. Its efforts to set up a franchise are clumsy and strange. It has a companion app for heaven’s sake! Its own ambition and corporate pressure seems to have sunk it.

I wish the game’s industry was more willing to put out personal, ambitious titles, without trying to make them “the next big thing” or “the next destiny” when that is clearly a bad fit. I feel like more franchise’s like Mirror’s Edge would still be surviving.


I haven’t revisited Rubicon since it first aired, but I loved it; there’s an episode about halfway through (after the show had abruptly switched showrunners) that spends most of its time with three analysts in a conference room trying to decide if they should essentially sanction a kill order with imperfect intelligence, and I still think about it years later. It has nothing (or, at least, very little) to do with the series’ main plot, which more than anything highlights that the show had good bones; it didn’t need to rely on its central hook to be compelling.

I’ll be interested to see what Rob thinks of the ending, because I think it’s a pretty satisfying (if somewhat ambiguous) conclusion. It’s one of those “we don’t know if we’re getting renewed so this better function on some level as a series finale, not just a season finale” episodes that actually nails that middle ground.


Metal Gear Solid is kindof the ultimate example of this, right? I only first played through the MGS series shortly before MGSV was released, so I barely had any time to savor and celebrate this incredible series before the final game was released in an unfinished state and the series main’ creative force left the company. Every prior MGS game provided enough closure to function as the series’ conclusion, but instead MGSV left me with a phantom pain that I can never resolve. (EDIT: Still a great game, tho.)