Falling in Love with a Doomed Series


but instead MGSV left me with a phantom pain that I can never resolve.



Man, Flash/Forward, Lie to Me…there were so many extremely fun network adventure/thrillers in the early/mid-aughts that went nowhere…

Smith (Show about a heist crew with a cast lead by Ray Liotta, Amy Smart, Virginia Madsen, Simon Baker. Barely made it 6 episodes, first episode was exceptionally strong)

Daybreak (One of sooooo many time loop/time travel shows, this one starring Taye Diggs and Moon Bloodgood in a Groundhog Day situation in which Diggs loops until he can save his wife from a mysterious syndicate, who knows about his time loop quandary. Had a good sense of humor, thanks to Diggs)

Journeyman (basically a mashup of Early Edition and Quantum Leap, except the dude is physically transported through time, and has to explain his absences in the present to his family and shit. Starred the lead from the HBO show Rome)

Awake (Jason Isaacs gets into a car accident with his family and starts shifting between two realities: one in which his son died, the other in which his wife died. The production quality was extremely good, and the tone was appropriately serious and introspective)

SOUTHLAND (arguably the best network cop show ever. Barely limping through four increasingly truncated seasons, this show went under way too soon. Stood out as one of the early shows to disregard network censorship requirements in scripting, and just bleep out the swears on-air. If you liked The Shield in all its blown-out, handycam, gritty glory, but you could do with more realism and some sympathetic characters, WATCH SOUTHLAND)

edit: how the fuck did i forget veronica mars


Like others on here, I miss Dead Like Me and most of Bryan Fuller’s library of shows. They tend to just falter after he steps away and it’s this loop of being very inspired and then eventually resenting said show. I saw the direct to dvd movie for Dead Like Me and I had to remember what I liked about that show to begin with. I never got the chance to resent Pushing Daisies, but I fell in love with that show hard and it was difficult to see it go.

I wonder if this propensity of mine to fall in love with doomed shows has left me waiting and binging them years later so I can keep a distance. :confused:


I actually watched Rubicon live. Coming off of the Pacific I had a strange fascination with James Badge Dale and also I was absolutely trusting AMC at the moment (being a couple of seasons deep into Mad Men and Breaking Bad), so I was pumped for the premiere. The actors are terrific… because of Rubicon, I got real fired up when Michael Cristofer popped up in Mr Robot. I had fun with it, slow at times and ultimately I understand why it didn’t last. I just wish I could have gotten 5 or 6 more episodes.


As someone who mostly listens to 70s/80s hardcore punk let me tell you, lots of those bands only had one EP or god forbid an album before disappearing from the face of the earth to become other not hardcore punk bands.


I don’t know…I’ve been playing MGS since the first game and I guess I sort of feel like there was no way to ever end that series properly given how Kojima writes. I think you would probably feel the same way about any of the other games if you were left with them as the final entry (I certainly did for most of the games when I finished them). For instance, the phone call from the President at the end of MGS. The fact that the end of MGS2 was so borderline incomprehensible that MGS4 spent half the game trying to explain/retcon its way through it.

I mean, if the game had ended at MGS4…maybe that could’ve worked, just because he’d stopped adding more and more loose ends to be tied up at the end of it all (sort of, at least; if he’d made a 6 I’m sure it would have had Old Snake’s floppy corpse android-refurbished into an unstoppable killing machine that had actually been possessed by the double-ghost of Zero the whole time), but there still would’ve been a thousand unanswered questions and a hundred things that couldn’t possibly make sense. (Ugh Rosemary forever.)

I should probably be clear that I actually like those games. I’ve played most of them to completion more than once. I just don’t know if I’d put them in this category.


Well technically, Teen Titans isn’t part of the DCAU pushes glasses so far up nose they go through the skull

They did revive the DCAU proper last year by actually setting one of their animated movies in it, but even if it does come back Dwayne McDuffie, the co-creator of Static and a big part of the writing team from Static Shock forward (also: Ben 10 from Alien Force onwards) is sadly no longer with us. He basically wrote or produced most of Justice League and JLU, which in my mind is still probably the best superhero fiction that has been produced to date.


I would really like to have seen the tv series Dead Like Me be given a longer run. They did do a movie after but it was a bit of a mess and didn’t follow from where the last of the series ended. It was nice that they attempted to tie up loose ends but it left me feeling a little hollow.


In 2008, acclaimed comic book writer Warren Ellis’s computer died which destroyed all of his active scripts and backups. Among those scripts included the final 7 issues of a noir detective comic book called Fell. It tells the story of Richard Fell, a disgraced detective who is transferred to the awful city of Snowtown. Fluorescent lighting, moldy apartments, and a particularly creepy nun are his the new normal for detective Fell. Ben Templesmith’s beautiful illustrations brought an almost supernatural level of grime to Snowtown and its inhabitants. Unfortunately that comic was put on indefinite hiatus after Ellis’s scripts were destroyed. He since put some work into rewriting them, but it’s most likely too little too late. I love this book and I still recommend the collected edition to people even if it will most likely never continue.


Carnivale for me, as a few others above have mentioned. A slow first season, but really amped up the mystery and atmosphere, which season two starred to pay off and show it’s hand. One more season would have been wonderful.

A few others I miss (Hannibal for instance) did themselves no favours towards the end, and justified their own cancellations IMHO.


the best series i’ve ever seen and lasted just for one season was Fastlane starring Bill Bellamy and Peter Facinelli, it was great.


Oh that would explain why that series wasn’t showing up in the wikipedia chronology.

That’s so sad to hear. It’s been a real treat going back through the DCAU as an adult and seeing how well crafted those shows were.


I got into Suikoden at 3, before the dreadful 4 and the, good, but mostly disconnected from the rest of the series 5.

It’s dead in the hands of Konami and it hurts so much.


I didnt know the Fell scripts were part of that loss!! I thought it was just the follow-up novel to Crooked Little Vein! what a bummer! also Crooked Little Vein is amazing