‘Fallout 76’ Players Are Gleefully Nuking Pacifists

Fallout 76 players are using the radiation from nuclear weapons to circumvent restrictions on murdering pacifist players. Fallout 76’s PVP system is supposed to keep griefers at bay by forcing players to opt-in to combat. When someone shoots you, damage is miniscule until you shoot back. But, as first spotted by Kotaku, enterprising players have discovered a way around that—launching a nuke.

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Between this and hunting down the players who paid for private servers, Fallout 76 (seemingly unintentionally) turned into a social commentary simulator.


Griefers gonna grief.

That story and the story of its antecedent (kind of like this one, from the looks of it) was entirely based on a single Reddit post claiming to document a rare occurance without a single in-game confirmation of it happening.

This one seems to be a little more corroborated, in that it’s at least based on two Reddit posts instead of one, but there’s no hint that this is at all common.

Honestly, I agree but not in the way you meant it. I’m sure the amount of dogpiling this game gets from poorly-sourced clickbait tells us something, but not I’m not smart enough to know what that is.

ftr, I played maybe five hours of FO76 on launch weekend and haven’t touched it since. I also ask that you kindly ignore my username when deciding if I’m just an overly-defensive Bethesda fanboy.

Edit: I always thought antecedent was the opposite of precedent, but I guess they’re actually synonyms? So just substitute whatever the opposite of precedent actually is. Subsequent, I guess.

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Oh no, I feel about Fallout 76 the same way I feel about Battleborn: someone somewhere loves that game and I sincerely hope they enjoy it. It’s just not for me.

Similar to the GTA Online pacifist mode when means people can just murder you anyway. Just not with guns. Rads are probably tied to environmental damage so technically you’re not killing them in the most round about way possible