'Fallout' Helmet Sold by GameStop Recalled Because It's Prone to Growing Mold

Fallout 76 has produced a never-ending stream of problems for developer Bethesda and series fans. The latest dust-up involves a rather gross-sounding recall for an officially licensed collectible.

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I can finally roleplay my radiation poisoning in my Fallout LARP.


They were just trying to help people roleplay as the Scorched in real-life.

Pretty sure this is how Vault 22 got wiped out.

You hate to see it.

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I’m starting a new gang. It’s called the Mold Boys.

Mold Boys rule.

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I can’t do anything but laugh at any of this anymore.

This is a mess all around, but I hadn’t heard about the Nuka-Cola rum up until this exact moment, and I think that entire debaucle is almost funnier. I really like playing single-player Fallout games, but I don’t understand how anyone could see the constant failures in merchandising that have been going on, and still want to drop $80+ USD on anything Bethesda tries to market.

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From Polygon:

Update (Sept. 25): After our article was published, a representative from Chronicle Collectibles reached out to let us know that of the 20,000 Nuka Cola-themed helmets that were manufactured, only 32 were sold. It says that all of those customers were directly notified about the recall. All 20,000 units have been recalled.

So that’s a lol


whaaaaaaat. why hasn’t this been shown more prominently in the coverage I’ve seen?

Holy shit.

I wonder how much these poison helmets will go for on Ebay in 10 years.

Pillaging the iconography of the IP to sell astoundingly low-quality merchandise is one hell of a metaphor about how Bethesda regards Fallout as a series.


I am kind of weirdly glad that this has been such a monumental failure for Bethesda. I think that shifts focus to their other projects with a hope that they’ll put a great amount of effort into delivering a really good new Elder Scrolls or Fallout game next time around.

Then again, they could pull a Mass Effect Andromeda.