Fallout TV Series in Development at Amazon with Westworld Creators

I thought Todd couldn’t hurt me anymore. I was wrong

I would be way into a LotR-style (i.e. lighter than Game of Thrones) Elder Scrolls series. I’m not sure who was asking for a Fallout TV show.


I barely want want to watch a Westworld show from the Westworld creators anymore so no thanks.


I feel like the Fallout setting might make them less inclined to dive deep into navel-gazing Philosophy 101 bullshit, so there’s a chance it might actually be good? Depends who they actually have writing and running the show, of course.

The core tenet that made early Fallout interesting was that the apocalypse had peeled back the phoniness of golden age americana, exposing it as a warped cargo cult of brand recognition and relentless consumption. The destruction of the new world gives the survivors a critical distance with which to marvel at how bizarre the pre-war world was (and in turn, how bizarre capitalism is when you’re not waist-deep in it).

Current Fallout is a lot of “wow cool power armor” where that golden age pollyanna is now part-and-parcel with the post-war world (look at any marketing for FO4 and how hard they lean into the novelty of that setting). From everything I heard about Westworld, that’s a series which fell down the same hole of being too enamored with the iconography of its setting than analyzing what the juxtaposition of these two eras says about the people in them, so I guess it’s a match made in heaven.


More or less, yeah. It’s a show that should have been brave enough to end after one season.

I just don’t know who this is for. The story in the last few Fallout games hasn’t exactly been anything to write home about. If they’re going to do a story about synths, spoiler alert: they’re alive. Are we really going to have the “nukes are bad” discussion again? And The Boys notwithstanding, I’m not exactly expecting a critique of capitalism or consumerism coming out of Amazon. At least we’re not getting the Fallout Cinematic Universe, I guess.

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I always had this idea of a Fallout show where Three Dog was telling different stories in a serialized fashion, like a Twilight Zone set in the Fallout Universe. It’d be cool to have lots of creators and writers work on their own vision of Fallout.


computer show me a sentence which generates progressively less interest with every word


Couldn’t stop laughing at Gita on the pod one day saying “Westworld was such a good one season I’m sure glad they didn’t make any more of that!”


Using this news as an opportunity to say “make a community in the Fallout universe based on the anarchist planet in Le Guin’s The Dispossessed.” It’s the perfect setting for it. Remake New Vegas and put them on the fringes of those two societies idk.

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they’ll end up getting the game of thrones fuckers to do earthsea instead


“Westworld creators” carries a lot of implications but I feel the need to mention that Jonathan Nolan, before HBO gave him a blank check, also made Person of Interest. And that show is still really fuckin good.

Idk, if he fucks this up too I’ll probably sour enough to not get excited when I see his name attached to something. But being given a police-procedural-meets-Batman show on network TV and, over five years, turning it into one of the best pieces of science-fiction of the 2010s, is enough for me to still give him the benefit of the doubt.


There is probably a good fallout series that could be made. We aren’t getting it though lol. (And I mean not like fallout has any intrinsic themes that aren’t replicable in any other post-apoc fiction situation)

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“Hmmm, all these characters are brown, clearly we need to make this about racism.”

You ever see a show announcement so bad you are forced to immediately go to sleep?

This is the kind of reading that sounds right on the surface, but you can only really sustain it if your primary engagement with modern Fallout is through the marketing material.

In FO4, you have so much evidence via world-building that pre-war America was a complete shithole with an art deco veneer on top. My favourite example is Lake Quannapowit, but basically every Red Rocket has some kind of evidence of rampant dumping of hazardous waste. Evidence of pre-War anti-Chinese racism is all over the game world. None of the notes or holotapes you read from before the bomb paints a very rosy picture. Yes, the surface level is glossy and appealing, but that’s the point? It’s about the contrast between the nostalgic version of a long-gone past and the reality of what it was like to live in it?

And then the whole main plot of FO4 is about which values of the pre-War world are worth bringing forward into the future. Do we want to return to a society based on slave-labour and eugenics? Do we embrace militant xenophobia? Or do we live up to America’s claimed ideals and embrace a liberation ideology? Along the way, you get to decide whether mutual aid is worth your time or if “another settlement needs your help” is just an annoyance that distracts from your personal goals.


I mean, I get it, people like the 2D Fallouts. So did I. But fucking hell.


I’m on your side.

This video got me thinking completely a different way about Fallout 3.

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I still get a huge kick out of Westworld and I’ve never played the Fallout games so I for one am genuinely pretty excited about this project

My question to that is, are Bethesda directly subverting the very uncynical POV perspective the intro of 4 paints of that world via the examples you mention, or are they there because the racism and absurdity of the past era are convenient narrative tools only when it’s for areas and side-quests tangential to the broader themes and ideas of the game?

When you interview Piper, you can roleplay and tell her “oh yeah the pre-war world was just as bad if not worse than this new one”, but why would this person—someone who reaped almost all the benefits of that era—be saying this? What events transpire in 4 that make the character question their rosy nostalgia for the pre-war world?

I didn’t say that the Bethesda Fallouts are completely absent a critical lens for 50s/60s americana, just that they have an over-fondness for the imagery that Black Isle were always painting as a poisonously false impression of what the world was like versus what it actually was: a hellish Starship Troopers esque dystopia where soldiers in fascistic power armor execute citizens in the street.

I have very little faith that future Fallout fiction will ever get back to that level of dark satire.