Fan Casting Thread!

What is fancasting?

Well, basically you think of a hypothetical film or tv show that you’d like to see, based on a separate piece of media that has or has not been adapted, such as a comic book, a video game, or a book.

I remember doing this for cartoons I used to love, like Teen Titans and Justice League Unlimited. I think EVERYONE thought of Clint Eastwood as their Bruce Wayne pick for a Batman Beyond film, before he went insane and started lecturing empty chairs that is…

But that’s basically the idea! I think Waypoint has a diverse set of fandoms with diverse actors and actresses in mind that could make some fantastic fan casts!

Here’s a good site to help make one:

IMDB also has ways for you to create your own cast list, and I’ve seen people create collage images as well!

I made this fan cast for Neuromancer: