Fanfiction, huh?


No idea if anyone cares, but I once wrote some non-binary Josephine Montilyet and it’s probably my favorite thing I’ve written both concept and language wise. If you’re interested, it’s here, on AO3.

That said, I wish I could write fanfic more often. I do tend to get ideas but then get too hesitant transforming those ideas into solid words, knowing there are people out there who would do way better with the same ideas.


im glad you liked it!! i’m currently rereading it and remembering how good it is <3


I get the impression that online-harassment and doxing is prevalent in fanfic communities. When this happens in games it seems like 30 think-pieces go up on Twitter which allows the community to begin to address vigilantism. Does that happen in fanfic communities when controversies unfold? Maybe it is specific to particular fandoms, so some are just rampant toxicity while others allow for more liberal use of the characters without readers trying to ruin the lives of the authors?
I’m not heavily involved in fanfic so I might be completely off-base.

Here is an example for the purposes of discussion:


Not any more than any random online community that you pick out of a hat, no.



yeah that doesn’t seem like a fan-fiction thing so much as a fan-dom thing, generally.

I don’t know I don’t really immerse myself in any fanfic (or fandom generally) communities, outside of reading/writing fics (or, idk, looking at cute fanart or whatever, more generally). (I’m not sure that makes sense but hopefully you get what I’m saying.)


Love fanfiction and honestly consume more of it than most people I know, but then again I don’t actually have a lot of friends that do that whole side of fandom. IIRC I got started reading fanfiction for Inuyasha, then writing it for Metal Gear Solid. I don’t write a bunch now.

Or, rather, I do. Buuuuut because I got into longhand writing since I’m not allowed to bring a laptop to my job or write on my phone, there’s a ton I’ve written on paper but I dread typing it up. I could just scan it, but I write with pen and cross out a lot, so it looks pretty bad.

I pretty much read entirely queer content, though I usually edge toward aliens, robots, alien robots, cyborgs, and monsters and so on.


I write and read fanfiction, but I’m more focussed on writing right now. I like the ability I have when writing fanfiction, to sort of disregard basic exposition for things I find more interesting. Like in an original story I’d have to explain “well magic exists here, this is how people feel about,” etc. But with fanfiction I can just set it in an existing universe and people already have an outline of what my world is like.

It’s just a lot less steps for me to get to the actual writing part of the story.


absolutely same.
I was looking through some old half-finished things, and looking at one thinking ‘well I could just retool this into original fiction, maybe’ except then no, I can’t, because then I’d have to explain that this dude is acting weird because he’s secretly a superhero, rather than the readers all just already knowing that


This might be a long shot but has anyone got any Twine fanfic recs? It’s something I’ve been really curious about