Fans of Friends at the Table


I got hooked on Friends at the Table after Austin mentioned it on a Giant Beastcast episode. Now I’m GM’ing The Sprawl (IRL), Apocalypse World (roll20), and converted my (IRL) D&D campaign that’s been running intermittently for 3 years to Dungeon World. Also I just got the Burning Wheel books. I think I have a problem…

LGBTQIA+ Stories in Media

Friends at the Table is a podcast that I enjoy very much.


I really love Friends at the Table, it’s hands down my favorite Actual Play podcast.

Most of the other ones I’ve encountered have leaned too much into humor, and while Friends at the Table isn’t afraid to be funny, it’s also perfectly willing to embrace the dramatic and explore the emotional lives of the characters in counterpoint to the larger melodrama of the world. It’s what I want my tabletop RPG experiences to aspire towards.


Sometimes I think about the stuff the happened in Friends at the Table season 2 and scream internally about how good it is. It’s honestly some of my favorite fiction in years.


I just started playing Dungeon World for the first time and it’s so satisfying. I want to try The Sprawl next.


Friends at the table is very much a good thing on the Internet yes. It’s legit made me cry.


I have a friend who tells me to listen to Friends at the Table all the time. I will, when I run out of The Adventure Zone (bound to happen this week).


Friends At the Table affects me like no other podcast does.

I’m finishing up the boat party sections of Season 1 and I want to die (in a good way)


I just finished listening to Counter Weight recently, and now I’m waiting to start Marielda. Good stuff so far.


wait fuck you posted this as I was writing a FaTT op dangit


i uh. i definitely don’t have Samot/Samothes fan-fic in a google doc anywhere uh. uhm.


Spoiler/speculation for current season


Friends at the Table is incredible. What is even going on underground right now? it’s wild!


Have you seen the Roll20 Game Master Series of Burning Wheel? (I’m about half way though it.) Adam Koebel (co-creator of Dungeon World) is a great GM and it’s fun to see @austin.walker as a player.


I have not! I will have look into it!


Honestly I still tear up thinking about COUNTER/weight. Especially those bits near the end with the good good Austin narration and Jack’s music.


Oh lord, I’m way into Friends at the Table. I discovered it in July 2016 when I was at a very low point mentally and this podcast more or less made me get out of bed in the morning, it felt so good to be excited about something again. Unfortunately I don’t really have the focus to sit down and listen to something for longer than an hour so I’ve been lagging behind. I’ve yet to start Winter in Hieron but I will, at some point soon…probably.


You know, Counter/Weight is very good.


I will love and protect my sweet boy, Fero Feritas, for all my days.