Fans of Friends at the Table

The Long way Round has been my text tone from the 13 second mark till 30 second mark for about a year now Feels hit me whenever i get a text

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I am on episode sixteen of Seasons of Hieron and it is very very good

looking forward to C/W but I want to get that much further in Hieron first so I can be totally used to everyone involved before getting hit by cyberpunk indulgence

It’s the only podcast I listen to when I play No Man’s Sky.


Whoops! Spoilers are difficult to tag. What I meant to say was I have a theory about the last episode I think Fero may be Samol’s shadow in the same way that Samot was originally Sevaria’s shadow, except Fero doesn’t realize what he’s doing even a little bit


CounterWeight is in many a different beast from the Hieron stuff. For one, it’s a self-contained narrative, and so there’s definite conclusions to arcs. The sci-fi stuff is also really cool, and the worldbuilding goes in some fascinating directions that allow it to talk about real world stuff from a very different perspective.

I heartily recommend checking it out, sooner or later.

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I hope they go back to Marielda for a season or even a episode Seasons of Hieron style just so I can hear the music again.

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I am kinda in the same boat right now. A big part of it is that I used to have a job where I could listen to podcast and now i’m unemployed and sit in front of a pc all the time. I’ll put on random videos in the background but FatT deserves more attention then I can give it right now.

It’s just so good. I’m constantly amazed by just how great the dramatic moments are, basically impossible not to get totally caught up in. And it all came together so quickly (if you haven’t checked it out, it’s totally worth going back to the very beginning) into a must-listen.

I’m quite behind because I like to binge a season (at the very least, one episode a day) so I’ve not heard any of the latest but I can’t wait for it to start winding down so I can jump into it.

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I wish I could get into any of these style podcasts. It’s just that in this and in The Adventure Zone there seems to be so much down time.

I legit think FatT should win a Hugo Award. I’m pretty sure podcasts are able to be nominated. It’s the best cyberpunk AND the best fantasy.


I gotta be honest and say I fell off when in Counter/weight they started playing that flashback game where everyone got new characters. I mostly listen at work and it was a bit overwhelming and I got lost.


FatT is hands down one of my favorite podcasts. It’s all so good, but Marielda is 100% my aesthetic as well. I only wish I was better about keeping up with it. I only really listen to it when I’m driving because I have trouble paying attention if I’m doing something else at the same time. Jack’s music for the podcast is honestly incredible as well and another HUGE part of why I enjoy it so much.

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I’ve listened through Season 1, and am now listening through the Marielda arc–I really want to listen to counter/weight as well, but feel even more of an urge to catch up to “present” on the Hieron side of things.

I’ll admit, FatT and the Skeletism session with Adam Koebel were what finally prompted me to contact a few friends and ask them if they wanted me to DM a campaign for them–now we’re 20-ish sessions deep into a campaign and having a blast.

I haven’t DMed in an official, structured capacity before, though I did kind of stumble that way with collaborative storytelling as a grade-schooler with a few friends. I’ve also struggled to write creative fiction for the past few years, though, so the opportunity to DM has really gotten me engaged and productive on that front, as I’m accountable to my players to produce a session for them to play and thread it all together into something resembling an overarching plot. It’s been a really rewarding experience, to be generating creative content again, and getting the immediate gratification of my peers’ feedback.

Which… is really only sort of tangential to FatT, more of a testimonial anectdote than anything else. But still a whole lot of fun!


I got a few episodes into Heiron and then heard good things about COUNTER/Weight, and good golly this is rad rad rad. The opening narration on episode 00 actually gave me chills on my morning bus ride.

Other highlights so far (I’m on episode 6) include an “ooooh, shit” during episode 5 when the faction game added some context to a line from episode 4 specifically the talk about the workers reaction to whatever they were digging up on the ice planet, when considered alongside Jorn’s “smart as a person, obedient as an automaton” line

I’m way behind, but I love FatT. Trying to catch up in s3 now.

I’ve found the good thread.

Marielda is a one of my favorite usages of dramatic irony and how bad rolls can be used for that purpose.
Additionally, every interaction between any NPC and Hitchcock is the absolute best. I’m about to start my own Blades In The Dark campaign just because of how the gameplay inspired so many great moments.

(All the other seasons of FatT are exceptional as well.)


I’m still on my way to catching up, but I’ve devoted 100% of my podcast listening since learning of Friends at the Table, to Friends at the Table. I’m almost done with Marielda, having skipped Counter/Weight (though I VERY much plan on going back, once I’m caught up with the current season. I’m a huge fan of mecha anime, as well as old granddad shit like Legend of the Galactic Heroes, so it’s got my number.)

I started from the very beginning and fell in love with the first season so completely in a way I didn’t expect. I loved how divergent it became so early on, and how well the entire cast adapted, and how profoundly deep the world they ended up carving out together became.

I’ve always appreciated tabletop gaming and roleplay from a distance; deciding it ultimately something that I’d never be confident enough to really throw myself into. I’ve played in a couple of campaigns of D&D here and there, been in a few not-so-thought-out Forum RPs as a kid, but all only couple-week affairs that fizzled out before they really became anything. It wasn’t something I ever felt like I “got”.

Friends at the Table has showed me the potential that play has to telling interesting, compelling, and deeply emotional stories, and I’m honestly a little shaken by how differently my mind approaches ideas of play, character and world building, and storytelling as a whole, after just a few weeks of podcast binging. It’s inspired me so completely to want to put my all in something that I was always too apprehensive to approach before (as I’m about to start in the same Blades in the Dark campaign @zenny just mentioned above).

I’m so grateful for it, and the chance I feel like I have to find my way and voice in, honestly, a medium of writing and storytelling that I never understood I loved so much.

shit completely rips and i miss calhoun a lot


I’m caught up with Hieron while I’m making my way through the earlyish parts of Counter Weight for the first time!

Friends at the Table is good and engaging and important, to say the least. I think what sets it apart, on top of the players’ personalities and Austin’s direction as GM, is that the world both presents and agees to explore consequence to its fullest. This is something ferried by the choice in game system, which is doing a lot of heavy lifting of course — to illustrate, the change from TechNoir to The Sprawl marked a markedly different pacing and tone and, ultimately, drama — but the commitment to consequence is also simply an agreement from all players. Which isn’t to be taken lightly, we see how hard it is to find among podcasts or tabletop groups.

Anyway I wrote a tiny bit about Friends at the Table and the beauty of systematized consequence on Twitter, which Austin gave a real positive quote RT


I do not know if this is bad forum etiquette but imma reply to my own post for some justifications Okay, so, think about how the Kindrale Word Eater functioned, it stole words to fuel the heat and the dark, those around it were simply drained away and consumed. Look at how Fero functions on a missed roll, the thing he tried to turn into just disappears, it’s just gone, as if just pulled from the universe. I think Fero is just an unbelievably powerful Word Eater who somehow forgot what he was and instead has become a person, if you really wanna dig into it Fero’s accelerationism is almost in line of that of the Cult of the Dark Sun. My final thought is this, I think New Samothes is trying to make a new god, exactly how Samol made Samot, by uplifting a fragment of the Heat and the Dark. Wow that was the most rambly and ineloquent way I’ve ever tried to say a thing in my life.


By new Samothes are you referring to Malgwyn Samothes if So then Yes I Agree i also think that Cult of the Dark sun may be run by the OG Samothes