Fans of Friends at the Table


I think it was in one of Samol’s explanations, which means either the very end of Marielda or one of the recap episodes ahead of Season 3.


Ah, it’s probably the recap episodes. Thanks!


I LOVE Austin’s vulture voice




Is anybody else having trouble downloading the latest ep? I’m trying to figure out if there’s a broader slowdown or if I’ve done something to anger podbean on my end.


hi hello everyone, i am not up to date with friends of the table sadly. I have only listened to half of Counterweight and fell of because of school and then i tried season one…and fell of because of school. But i really like it and soon i am going to jump in and continue with the first season, but i have one question.

Sometimes (very often) when i listen to the podcast i kind of zone out in a way that i don’t do with “normal” podcasts. It’s mostly things like a very important piece about lore for a few seconds that i miss and then i sometimes have to rewind because i get super confused. Is this common or am i just a bad FatT fan?


I think it’s pretty common! It’s an unusually dense podcast telling stories with a heckuva lot of moving pieces—whenever I re-listen to an episode, I almost always catch not-insignificant details I’d missed on my first listen. I think part of is that podcasts that don’t let so much of the story rise out of the improv are able to signpost and foreshadow events more frequently and accurately, and so can communicate what you need to pay attention to—whereas Friends at the Table kinda demands full attention at all times. And those eps can be looong!


hi! quickly popping in here to say that podbean is being weird for some people and we’re trying to fix it as best we can.

otherwise, i hope everybody enjoys the finale :herb:


JUst wanna dang hug ever dang person in this episode


Thankfully FatT has a lot of levels of story going on so the occasional zone-out doesn’t keep me from enjoying the surface level. Eventually, I miss out on enough of the small details that I have to go to the wiki or (now that there’s a good solid forum thread) asking around here to fill in some of the gaps.

I kind of want to go and re-listen to everything again, but there’s starting to be so much of it and I’m already having a tough time keeping up. Maybe I’ll get the chance during this next season.


[spoiler]Despite being completely unreasonable, Fero remains the most reasonable member of Pizza Party. I get Throndir was eager to kill Ariel because of the Golden Lance thing, but Ephrim’s motivations were a little vague to me. Am I forgetting something?

I guess what I’m saying is that my friendship with Kodiak is over and Fero is my new best friends, or however that meme goes.[/spoiler]


I’m kind of… frustrated with how consistently dismissive characters and the world this past season have been of Fero.

[spoiler]I think a lot of it comes down to this notion that while all the PCs are deeply flawed in some way, the world and these characters’ interactions frequently either indulge or are shaped by these flaws. However, with Fero, the world instead seems to either skirt around these flaws or criticize them in ways that don’t really feel constructive. While I think I’d agree that Fero’s recent tendency to scream at people for not doing what aligns with his views isn’t great, that’s sort of felt like an aggravated result of Fero’s views being left out of the picture entirely.

Fero’s abilities erasing parts of the world is definitely a fascinating development! Having this be used as a token to say that Fero isn’t being considerate enough of the impacts he has on the world kind of feels shitty! This may be a flaw on my part for not having the best memory, but when the sands of Rosemerrow disappeared, and it came up that Fero didn’t investigate the empty feeling he had when he tried to turn into a wolf, I had no memory of what was being referenced. But to be told that he should have paid more attention to that trend and then immediately, as he tries to inquire more about the place his powers come from, and he tries to stop and be more considerate of the notions of the world around him, to be then told not to worry how the grand tour works, it’s “just magic,” kind of also feels shitty!

I really overall like this episode. A lot of great things happened! Ephrim! Samothes! Arrell! Alyosha! Thorondir! Corsica!
Severea and Galenica! The Grand Tour! The star stuff! It was great! But almost every single conversation that included Fero just plain felt bad for reasons that had as much to do with Fero as they did everyone else in the scene.

I don’t know, I’m still working out exactly how I feel about things. I had to lay down for a while after listening to this episode. I think I should take a walk.[/spoiler]


“eventually a prince must become a king” is an excellent line for when you kill Samothes, who was once Maelgwyn until he killed Samothes.


The Killing of the King-God Samothes by the Traitor Prince Ephrim.


So like first off, Fero getting scolded by his two god moms is amazing? Its my new favourite thing. He’s just so massively angsty its… beautiful.

As for other stuff, there was just so much that happened and that i was really into. Off the top of my head, Austins Vulture is extremely good and i desperately want him as a recuring character (he wont be). Galenica’s voice was also super cool? I just generally love her and Severia. I hope we get to see them again next time around. Throndirs insane dunk on Fero. Absolutely savage, he’s bloodthirsty (literally). The fight with Arel did not go how i expected, I really thought they’d give him a chance? But im kind of glad they didnt bc 1. Throndir sticking to Justice in the face of a potenital hope and comprise was really cool and 2. the image of Kodiak appearing in the lighting flash was rad as heck. Also speaking of Arell… the episode description killed me. Arell is Bad but, I really want those two to get to see eachother again? And then those last couple scenes there was just A Lot going on, so I’ll probably need to relisten to them but…The absolute Most was definitely the very end?? With samotheas/maelgwyn’s hammer bringing life to the nothingness?? Does that mean Ephrim using that sword fulfilled Samotheas original plan? to fight the heat & the dark?? And did i forget to mention that Ephrim killing samotheas had me screaming??? And Furthermore is Alyosha now Samotheas No. 3??? … Anyway.

I spent a little too long trying to sort these thoughts so… I should really get some sleep now. Hope everyone else enjoyed it!


I am curious about this too.[spoiler] I’m not sure why Ephrim was so mad at Arrell? He had like one brief outing with Fantasmo, so it’s not like he was that invested in being deceived by Arrell’s trick.

On the other hand, he also seemed to turn real quick on Cool Ranch. Maybe quickness to murderous rage just a part of his character.[/spoiler]


very like fire in that sense.

I also like how Austin was able to make that final scene simultaneously hopefully and a bit ominous


I adore the final scene in this episode with the blood of Samothes blooming into a jungle, welcoming Spring to Hieron after the long winter. I love the idea of each season being an actual Season, going from Autumn into Winter into Spring.


WiH Last scene:

was part of the reason that last scene was ominous because (I think??) jack brought a couple subtle rigour theme motifs into the music? Or was that just me?


Yeah, I wasn’t quite sure why he was so mad either? Could be I forgot something. I mean, putting people in bubbles…Not Good, but?


i tried i tried i tried, i tried, i tried, i tried really hard UGH