Fans of Friends at the Table


The way the music echoed Alyosha’s hammer strikes at the end of the episode was breathtaking.


Agreed, so good!


I’m one of the people who gave up on reading the episode descriptions for a while because they felt impenetrable at the time, and I just went back and did a full re-read of all of the S3 descriptions, and–

After the events of last episode, oh my G O D those descriptions have a ton of added weight. They punched me in the stomach over and over again. I was doing an Austin Walker “…huh!” at the end of each one.

So if you were also a description skipper, they make a lot more sense now that the season is over and I can hold all of the important characters and concepts in my head, so I HIGHLY recommend it.


Yeah, I often went back over to the descriptions every few episodes and they added A LOT to the story.


It starts basically right out of the gate, too.

3.02: Arrell writes, “Alyosha, in your ardor (for me or Samothes, who can say), you have misremembered my lesson.”




“old friends”…“close”…


s3 finale:

It took a while, but finally, a Samothes was killed with that blade.Sure, it was more of a Shamothes, but hey. This also marks the second time a Samothes was killed in front of Dre and he couldn’t do anything about it.


I do love all the accidental parallels between Dre’s characters that just happen by pure coincidence.


This ending!

[spoiler]For a long time I considered Fero one of the less interesting characters on the show because he’s such a persistent stubborn person that there wasn’t really development.

This season just turned that around entirely.
Fero refusing to bend for his god(s) is such a good culmination of his refusal to compromise. Contrary to what others have said, I don’t feel like this criticism of Fero is a declaration that Fero is wrong, it’s just highlighting a problem he has. Even if Gods are making that criticism, the Gods of Heiron are far from infallible.

Fero is comfortable asserting what’s right and just pushing for that. When the gnolls needed someone to broker deals, he instantly gave up and left because he couldn’t just fix that problem. There’s definite harm to how Fero tries to barrel into what he personally decided is right, but you can also see his point when everyone else had personal issues with Arrell and wastes the chance to learn any more about his plan.[/spoiler]


Oh! I guess that sword Samol gave to Capt. Glasseye was the Blade in the Dark, huh?


So, the important question to ask here:

Alyosha, Salsa Verde? Spicy Nacho? Tapatio flavor? What are we thinkin?





So I think I missed something crucial How did Alyosha come back? Samothes killed him right? Or was that someone else?


Seemed like Sammy was keeping him around as a mind controlled servant. Right before Ephrim did his thing, Austin mentions Alyosha’s eyes look like when Ephrim uses his mind control power.


VERDE for sure if only for the fact a god damn green Forrest erupted in the forge


Yeah this, definitely Verde.


it wasn’t until the finale when Maelthes told Ephrim to break the good sword that can fix everything that I realized how badly I wanted him to get stabbed. luckily I didn’t have to wait long.


Fero is on some Stephen Dedalus/Milton’s Satan non serviam shit and I LOVE IT.


I thought this too, but it wasn’t until last night when it occurred to me that Samot and Samothes have outlived their only child that I realized that I didn’t want him to die. I am genuinely fighting back tears.


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