Fans of Friends at the Table


Y’all are lovely and the stream will be lovely and we’re all looking forward to it!


Can’t wait to find out what the next season is. Hoping it’s something out of left field.


From somewhere distant, the opening chords of “Born to Run” ring out gently


I am very excited, thank you all for doing this!


Here we go! Get in here!


hi i just wanna say this made my day when i read it


Thank you!!

The characters in Friends at the Table are so, sooo exciting to think about and take apart because it’s so unlike dissecting traditional linear media. The decisions you make are live; we can hear it in your voice when a player struggles with a tough call or even gives a nod & a wink to act against best interests. Y’all didn’t map an action plan; the characters’ reactions don’t come from a single author or from a writing team spending 6 months in pre-production, so. It’s. The realest shit. And I’m extremely grateful for everyone bringing their unique angles to the show and pushing each other to explore these characters more & more! :0


So how about all those new announcements?

Having the patreon / Bluff City announcement after the season 4 announcement was some really good hype management. The gap between announcements was just long enough for me to feel a little bummed out that we weren’t going to get to see the long rumored Bruce Springsteen inspired season and then they reveal they are actually doing both.

Also the Season 4 theme is extremely good and I’m pumped to hear what Jack comes up with for Bluff City.


Can’t wait for the tm characters to go to a dance and for somebody to be wearing a Twilight Corsage


Super excited. In addition to the new season announce, we also got the Bluff City announcement which sounds super super good. We better get up to 6000 quick. Those one shots will be super cool.


(spoiler text is vague late game Counter/Weight)

Man, Rigor made me miss the postmortem and they don’t have past broadcasts enabled on Twitch, I’ve gotta wait until Thursday to know what anyone in this fandom is talking about


Yeah it sucks. I want to watch the video version of the postmortem just to like, have those minor visual bits but oh well. I think they said the postmortem should be going up in the podcast feed soon but I don know how soon.

#759 is the main thing. A lot of the information about the bonus podcasts they’re going to be doing is there. Basically they’re going to do a lot of additional podcasts if they reach 6000 dollars/month and you can get all of them for 5$/month.

As for the next season reveal, they’re doing The Veil as the next game. It’s a PBTA game that has an emphasis on emotions, so Austin will not just be asking what they do, but what they do and how they feel about it. Don’t quite get how it’ll work yet myself, but I’m sure it’ll be very good. There’s also an emphasis in this that machines aren’t always evil, and also that they want to get away from dystopias for a bit. This will be a utopia on the decline, which is much different.

I forget the exact name of the season by the way, it was a few hours ago after all. But it had a nice ring to it, can tell you that.


It’s called Twilight Mirage they have the preview from the post-mortem here

Also a big detail about the new season is that it takes place 30,000 years in the future of the C/W Universe


Oh, also also there’s a Fans At The Table Discord and it is jumping. Surprised no one posted it sooner, possibly because everyone is busy chatting on said Discord. Lot of activity, hard to follow it all.


The YT VOD should be up soonish!

Also I misspoke! It takes place 50,000 years after C/W, not 30K. There’s just an important Event 30K years before the first game session!


Cannot wait for Counter/WEIGHT 50K


I’m real excited for the worldbuilding episode on Twilight Mirage, we know it’s nominally the Counterweight universe, but with the enormous timescale between them and maybe even more significantly the apparent shift in tone means a dramatically different world and a different set of sci fi genre influences.


Annnnnd here’s the archive of the Season 3 Post-Mortem!


Hah, I can even see my question in the preview thumbnail so this post makes me doubly happy! So excited to see the future of FatT.