Fans of Friends at the Table


Man I really hope the guiding phrase for season five being “why there should be something instead of nothing” will speak to like. Hey, here’s the good stuff in the world and why it’s worth keeping. And not, here’s why the world sucks and is bad and it shouldn’t exist.

Cause let me tell you that latter idea makes me feel real real bad. And not like. A good bad. It’s just bad.


I’m also interested to see how the party responds with answering the question of why they should live in the ‘real’ world, and not just the bubbles they can escape into.


[spoiler]so if all the gods of Hieron got together and just killed each other to create a new supergod would that god be called

The Big Sam[/spoiler]


I really, really liked hearing about Austin’s revelation regarding technology that doesn’t look like us as a guide/inspiration/aesthetic for Twilight Mirage.

Too bad about his phone, though.


The patreon just broke 6K! Bluff City will be happening!


I have crucial insider information that such a fight is the plot of the Hieron season after next to be entitled Seasons of Hieron: Summer Sam


I want you all to know that I have already devised a fan character around my baseless speculation about what Twilight Mirage might end up being like. Which… I suppose that really just makes it a character at that point, huh?


That is some Serious Sam information.


One thing Austin clarified in more detail on the Discord that’s really cool is that that Samol’s messed up shoulder is because the mages took material from where about his shoulder is to make Ordenna. Really cool


It took me about five seconds from seeing there was a FatT Patreon, to seeing there was a whole other game podcast for Patreons, to paying money. It was FAST, is what I’m saying. I’m real excited for Twilight Mirage - a return to Counter/Weight, even 50k years in the future, is completely awesome.


In all the high drama, the phrase Samol is climbing his house made me pause the episode because I was laughing so hard. I mean, I get it, but I just had the mental image of a spider with Samol’s head.


I hope some posts still get made around here. I don’t really want to log into Discord at work.


Same? I like Discord, but when I’m in the office, it’s tough to manage/keep up with it.


Yeah, me too. Maybe it’s because I’m old, but I find it really hard to keep track of things in Discord


Old people who still use forums FTW.


This was immediately what I posted upon first logging into Discord. It is pretty overwhelming. Also, though, it is very fun. I am at an impasse, partly because work is boring and I hate it (it’s a temporary dealie at the moment) and basically I’d rather just make jokes about fantasy junk or look at cat pictures.

But basically for me it’s either been I have to be glued to it or I lose all the conversational threads.


Man, some people here were never in active IRC channels back in the day. :stuck_out_tongue:

(I can’t keep up with it, either.)


Until this post, I thought discord was some kind of group voice chat program. Now I have no clue what it is.


It is a group voice chat program. Additionally it allows you to set up multiple text chat rooms to have various conversations in. It’s basically a modern IRC channel.


Yeah, it was originally created for voice AFAIK, but a lot of people have created text chatrooms on Discord for various communities.