Fans of Friends at the Table


That’s fair! :smile: I think the closest I came to IRC (other than dabbling in some pretty inactive MUDs) was a private message board/chatroom for about a dozen friends while we were at university, which could get pretty chaotic with loads of overlapping conversations, but seemed pretty manageable at the time.

I could probably get a hang of Discord if I had the time to give it proper attention and understand what was being talked about, but I always seem to be dropping in in the middle of at least six threads that have been going on for ages and I get lost trying to untangle them. This conversation has really not helped me feel any less old and out of touch!

Anyway, back on topic - I’m very excited for ep. 1 of Twilight Mirage, which presumably will be a world building episode? Jack’s music for TM might be his best yet, and I can’t wait to see what else he comes up with using his synth.

Everyone back here on Saturday to begin the speculation on whose hand gets chopped off (as referenced by Ali, Jack and Austin on Twitter recently)?


Why are you assuming just one person has a hand removed?


This is an excellent point and I feel suitably ashamed.


[spoiler]Spider-mol, Spider-mol
He’s the oldest god of all
Nicest Sam you’ll ever meet
He’s the land beneath your feet
Look out, here comes the Spider-mol

Can he cook?
Listen louse
You’ll have poultry at his house
Plays guitar better than
That soft orc says he can
Charming host, that Spider-mol

Spider-mol, Spider-mol
Climbs right up his house’s wall
Drives his home into the fog
Now he’s got a weird ghost dog
We’re pulling for you, Spider-mol[/spoiler]


Holy shit. That is very good!


In the chill of night
He elicits a sigh
He and Lem start to fight
’Cause he’s just waiting to die!


Is this a good time to point out that “Hamilton” and “Hadrian” have the same number of syllables?


Here’s a question I thought about submitting to the Marielda/WiH post mortem (but forgot to). The reveal that Hancock was twins and not a single character made me laugh out loud and made being stuck in traffic jam in the middle of London in the sweltering heat much more bearable.

I’ve wondered ever since whether it was purely a surprise for the audience (which I suspect it is), or whether Austin and Jack had kept that secret from the rest of the crew (which I really hope they had). At this point I can’t remember whether there was a reaction from the other players at the time. Does anyone know if this has ever been addressed?


I think they said just before the reveal that only Jack and Austin knew?


I also assumed only Jack and Austin knew, at least that how it was played.


OK, thanks guys. It’s likely my memory is faulty, but I thought I recalled at the time there not being much of a reaction from the others, which made me assume it was just a bit for the audience. I’d expect Ali, if not the others, to react verbally to something like this being sprung on her!


That is true, but since the reveal was the very last thing that happened on that episode they might have edited out the other player’s reaction for dramatic effect. But I guess I wouldn’t hurt to ask either of them on twitter or Tips at the Table. :slight_smile:


Okay, so since I’ve finally mostly caught up with this podcast on the Heiron side (I’m still on 31 of Counter/Weight, which I’m finding harder to listen to), I wanna talk about some things.

Okay, I actually wanna talk about Red Jack, because I just hit that part in the post-mortem and went by it and an hour later into this (maybe less or more), I’m still considering some shit. I haven’t slept. Those two things are unrelated, but I guess it bears mentioning? I’m not good at sleeping. Anyway.

[details=Summary]So a friend and I were talking about this whole Red Jack thing and how apparently he’s a fuckin’ Immortal Oni Highlander, of which there can only be one. They brought up the idea that the Red Jack we met in the forest might not be the same one that was in Marielda. Fucked up if true, but this made me consider certain things.

First off, I feel like after a certain while, there reaches a point where an iteration of Red Jack just is and stays Red Jack for a while maybe? And maybe both those RJ’s are the same, because he’s just been old enough to have more experience and easily murder any accidental doubles. At some point, you have to have been Red Jack for long enough to have Won Enough and to know when you’ve got to murder your doppleganger.

And presumably at some point he also had to have cottoned onto the whole thing and started avoiding things that made him reproduce on purpose, because he apparently really doesn’t like the experience of essentially having to kill himself in one-on-one combat. So at some point, the doubles had to have started being accidental, right? Except they’re probably not by winter in Hieron, and I think at this point he’s wandering around with his rowdy Oni boys that he’s keeping kiddos mostly on account of the fact that he either keeps getting into fights, is lonely, or both. Maybe when you’re Red Jack, it just gets to a point where you can’t stomach the idea of looking at your own corpse anymore, but it’s not like you can leave all these other potential yous to roam the countryside without supervision. You gotta keep an eye on them. These rowdy boys are your sons now.

And speaking of reproduction, I’m pretty sure he works like a starfish? It’s possible that when you cut a limb off of Red Jack, it just sprouts another Red Jack, and that might have been what Hela’s sword stopped a bit of?

I’ve still got an hour left in this post-mortem. This shit is going to haunt me to my dying day.


Is it bad that I have a 30-song Bluff City playlist already (that I’ve scrupulously avoided filling with Springsteen songs)?


is one of them Flip City cause since they hit that goal i been going around humming that song but with Bluff city instead Flip City


I started and caught up with the entire Heiron arc over the last few weeks and it was amazing. I mentioned this earlier, but I have never played a Tabletop game, and I loved the story and world of Heiron so much. Now I get to dive into the spoilers in this thread I had to avoid so much haha.

There were certainly some adjusts I had to make in terms of realize what was “fair” in terms of gameplay. It often felt like Austin’s moves were very hard, but they made for interesting moments.

The only thing I really disliked was how Faro’s transform ability was treated in this season. They made it clear on the postmortem that he was fully aware of the ramifications of failing a role, but it just seemed so harsh. I guess it didn’t discourage him from ever transforming, but if I were playing I would never want to do it (he almost killed all the voles in Herion so many times!).


I think that it was a very fitting response for Fero, who doesn’t think ahead or paln his actions at all. Fero often escapes consequences by not addressing them, and having one of his basic abilities have such a disastrous effect is a way of shining a light on that. Remember that it was set up at the start but Fero ignored it instead of interrogating the effects of his actions.
In the post mortem, Keith even says that likely Fero would not have thought deeply about it, because of how he’s wired.


One thing I hadn’t appreciated before someone (possibly Austin!) in this thread pointed it out is that failures and successes in PbtA are supposed to snowball, and Fero’s shapeshifting was one of the things affected by that. I think the fact that we’re now 60-odd episodes into the Hieron game means that there’s a lot of momentum behind some of the successes and failures, leading to ever bigger moves by Austin. The stakes are also getting bigger, so it makes sense that consequences will be more severe. The characters are also becoming more capable to make up for it, though.


In the live stream they mentioned that the whole started hand chopping off stuff started in a Dwarf Fortress Live Stream. If you are curious, I found the stream here.

The dwarf child incident happens at around the 2 hour mark.


That’s a very good point. I feel like I noticed fewer failed rolls this season and I imagine it’s due the characters leveling up and putting more points into attributes that are then added to their rolls (although Roll20 does this automatically so I’m just speculating since I can’t see the data).

Was it revealed what was causing this issue with Faro’s ability then? Nacre maybe? I’m interested in where the snowball started.

Yeah, in character it makes total sense and it’s disturbing Faro didn’t investigate further after he got rid of the wolves. I wonder if he’ll have to face what he did to Rosemarrow. If he had failed more roles I think he would have had to face it this season. But two times was just enough that he could get away with ignoring it.