Fans of Friends at the Table


I believe the first time it happened was when Fero turned into a wolf early on in season 3 - it may even have been as part of his love letter? I can’t remember for sure. Austin just mentioned in passing that Fero couldn’t detect any wolves nearby after the failure.

If I had to guess, I think you’re right that it must have been failures at the end of Nacre that lead to the problem, but I’d have to relisten to be sure (and, sadly, I don’t have the time to do that). I think Austin laid what was happening out a bit more clearly once Fero wiped out that particular type of sand towards the send of season 3, but I don’t think he laid it out step by step. Hopefully someone else here will have a better memory/understanding than I do!


Yeah, it was in the museum when Faro turned into a wolf because he thought it would be endearing to Mother Glory and then realized it was actually probably offensive lol.


I never caught the connection until the sand thing myself, but I figure that the players are probably a little more clued in than I am.


I can’t wait for the Friends at the Table x Fire Emblem crossover, Twilight Mirage Sessions #FE


Twilight Mirage Episode 00 is here!


well I guess I will see you folks in no no fewer than three hours and seventeen minutes.


I’m loving it so far, but I kind of wish they would have gone for something completely new, so it’d be easier to recommend a starting point to my friends.


What I’ll say is that your friends can and should jump on to episode 1 tomorrow. We are playing as if listeners have zero information about Counter/Weight—and the main protagonists, antagonists, and events of that setting will not come up here in any major, unanchored way.


I’ll ban anyone who asks for another Lazer Ted.

(I won’t do that.)

(Or will I???)


Okay but what about Plasma Tom.


Thank you for clarifying this, Austin! I’ve been umming and ahhing about listening to this as it happens; I’ve only just started my FatT adventure, so I’m currently on Season 1 Episode 11. I would quite like to start listening alongside everyone, though, so I might have to jump in and just listen to this new series alongside working my way through your back catalogue.

I did manage to listen to the Counter/Weight Episode 0 back when it was pretty new, so I at least have a rough understanding of that world as it was, but it’s nice to know I won’t be spoiling myself on older content or won’t be able to follow new stuff without prior context!


For fans of FatT who wanna get in on some Dungeon World action: we’re recruiting for some ambitious multi-group campaigns over on the online tabletop thread rn! Let’s play some tabletop RPGs on the internet!


Okay, I just finished the worldbuilding episode and if you though I made it out without accidentally designing my own really cool colony ship that will obsess me for the next few weeks at least. you have another think coming. Living coral reef asteroid ship. I am excited to see where the canonical Twilight fleet ends up though too.

And if I wasn’t already I am deeply in love with that phrase there the synth bass first drops on the theme song. it is excellent.


So thinking about Maelthes and the end of Winter:

If I recall correctly Samot was created by the Heat and the Dark to destroy the gods, but fell in love with life and with Samothes. If Samot is created by the Heat and the Dark is he also made of it’s stuff, different in nature from the rest of creation? Because if so that would explain why Maelthes believed that he could work with the Heat and the Dark and where perhaps he might have been more able to than anyone else. It also makes very good sense of why his blood more than that of Samothes or anyone else, might be a new kind of matter, something that mixes the blood of Samol’s children with the stuff of the Heat and the Dark. I think that gives interesting context to the final scene in the forge.


God I love everything about Twilight Mirage already.


Man, ok. Alright. You got me. You all got me. I’ve heard far too much about this podcast to keep ignoring it.

Subscribed. Listening to Seasons of Hieron 00 right now. Can’t wait to see how this goes.


The worldbuilding episode’s descriptions of the 7 Divines are so incredible. Janine’s aesthetic is amaaaazing. One of those human pupas.


Having just taken that journey to catch up with Heiron it is very much worth it! Also coming back and reading this thread to see people discuss theories and getting questions answered has been super helpful to flesh out my understanding of the world. You should listen to the newest season along with us since it’s a new jumping on point.


I just may do that :slight_smile:


If you find the awful audio at the start of the season bad, I feel like you can safely jump to the point where the parties divide without missing too much. A lot of people bounce off that beginning fairly hard.