Fans of Friends at the Table


But then he misses the part where Hadrian murders the innocent skeleton man!

Also I’ve seen this said multiple times and I didn’t notice at all. Weird how it can literally make people stop listening and other people won’t even notice at all.


Don’t worry I’m sure if they get enough money they will re-record all of season 1 in its entirety. :stuck_out_tongue:


The audio IS a bit rough, but it’s not like it’s unlistenable. I have heard (and recorded!) much worse. I’m not an audiophile so it’s not that big a deal to me.


I know a number of people who, after my strong recommendation, listen to the first episode and quit because 1) the audio and 2) the large amount of unimportant talking (aka the boat??). No matter how much I tell them that it improves as it goes on, they don’t listen!

Even people who started with C/W and go back still give up after one or two episodes of S1. D:

I do think the first few eps could benefit from reediting. :stuck_out_tongue:


Yeah, I’ve though about doing a fan edit, but it seems a little rude (and there’s only so much you can do without the individual audio files).


I think Jack’s ship is my favorite. I’m also really scared of it.


I just want to say. I for one think the first couple episodes are some of my favorites.


I really really like season 1 and don’t think I even noticed the audio issues honestly. But I get it if people want to skip.


Episode one of Twilight Mirage is out!


Also another thing I just thought of because I haven’t got started on mirages yet and my mind is still in Hieron- the argument regarding apparative magic and the pattern is almost exactly equivalent to arguments about using synthesizers in music.


I just finished COUNTER/Weight today. It’s taking me a long time to catch up on FatT because there are a million episodes and they’re all 1-3 hours long and I mostly only listen to podcasts at work.

I really liked COUNTER/Weight a lot more than I thought I would. I’m usually not into sci-fi but the universe that was created was really interesting and the characters were all great. I loved each one of the main characters very much. I can’t even decide on a favourite.

Twintelle from ARMS is just Aria Joie right?


Hey for anyone else listening to the episode on Google Play have the episode cut out for them at like 1:47:52?

Like Austin is just talking about Oricon and stops midword for me?

To be clear this is like. Where the episode ends for me? There isn’t anything beyond that point.


this happened to me but i redownloaded the episode and then it was fine? i’m not sure what was up with that


They mentioned someplace that PodBean messed up the file. It is fine now if you want to delete and redownload.

Also, Fraser in the Discord started a wiki for Twilight Mirage.


[spoiler]there’s something incredibly surreal about hearing the words big titty catgirl actually come from someones mouth audibly

Even more so from Austin Underscore Walker

Twilight Mirage is very very good[/spoiler]


In any other situation I probably would have turned the podcast off for that but knowing that it’s Ali’s character is like. Yes. Good, live your best life.


I was binge-watching Still Star-Crossed this weekend, and I realized that the actor who plays Prince Escalus (Sterling Sulieman) is also extremely the Sword of Samothes, Defender of the Undying Fire, Officer of the Order of Eternal Princes.


That’s somehow both Hadrian AND Ephraim for me.


I think the fact that Samol gave him a body as a reward after he released Severia means that Samot is now made of the same stuff as the other Gods. I think Malethes’s blood filling the heat and the dark has more to do with the purpose of the sword that killed him than something inherent about him.


Super new to Friends at the Table and the forums. Can somebody give me a recap of what a divine is so I can get a mental image? I’ve only listened to ep 00 and 01 of this new season and my current conception of a divine is a big ass ship (Star Trek style) that a bunch of people live and travel on (like 100,000-1mil people), and the ship has unique god like properties. Organic beings made divines, then inorganic being made more complicated and sophisticated divines, then divines made divines, resulting in these supermassive, mythical ships. I’m still confused about the relationship between divines and their pilots, as well as how much personification I should give to a divine. Like, does a divine talk or somehow communicate with the pilot/all the people living on it? Is the pilot like a president or leader of the divine’s residents, or are they just a skilled pilot that’s worthy of controlling the thing, or somewhere in between? Don’t know if I did this right. Thanks.