Fans of Friends at the Table


So in Counter/weight Divines were basically just giant, godlike robots. Each one represented a certain supposed virtue of democracy. The candidates were people specifically chosen to pilot the Divines.

The level of personification given to a Divine varied. Some were a lot more personable and “friendly” while others were more distant or robotic.


The Divine itself is a separate entity from the ship, except for Art’s ship I think where the Divine is the ship. Either the Divines would have built the ships, their followers built the ships, or for Jack’s one the Divine found the ship, and the ship is populated by the followers of the Divine that owned/ran/whatever the ship.


Also Ali’s ship where I believe the divine was the elevator in the ship.

Orignally (that is to say during the world creation for COUNTER/Weight) the Divines were basically giant mechs who were also something like gods. later in the season we learned about divines that diverged from that model and were different machines or groups of machines, although they still seemed to predominantly be giant robots.
in the years since counterweight with all the changes that have happened to divines they seem to have moved even further away from mostly being giant mechs.

the divine/pilot relationship is sort of complicated and has probably changed since COUNTER/Weight, even then it seemed to vary from one divine to another. pilot is kind of a misnomer since the divines were pretty much fully autonomous, I think the pilots might have helped them fight, but more than that they were sort of companion/servant/proxies for the divines.


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Hey everyone. I have a question for y’all. I really want to get into this podcast, but for some reason just hit a wall when I listen. I listened to all of COUNTER/Weight arc, and began to listen to the the next season in Hieron. I just ended up stopping though. Granted I’m much more interested in sci-fi than fantasy, but still found myself faced with similar problems.All these problems are not the show or any part of the show’s fault. I love the format of the show, and find the stories amazing. I just can’t seem to retain any of the information. This obviously makes it hard to follow as I have to try and rack my brain to remember who is who and what happened. So has anyone faced similar problems? How did you overcome them? Any tips or tricks would be greatly appreciated. I really want to get into this podcast more, but fear I’m just going to bounce off again if I continue having this problem.


A thing that has helped me retain moment-to-moment events a little better has been digesting each episode in 20-30 minute chunks where I can do better active listening. I’ve stopped trying to listen to each episode as I multitask (like I do with most podcasts) and treat it like a TV show.


I did start treating it as a TV show like you. I noticed it helped me a bit more to focus and retain some of the info. I’ll have to try breaking it up into chunks next too. I just hate breaking it up because A) I really enjoy the stories and want to hear more and B) I’m afraid that will only make me not retain the info more since it’ll be broken up. I’ll give it a shot though. Thanks!


I’ve found if I reference the wiki while I’m listening, especially for characters, when I hear a name again and pull up that same webpage I recall it better. Even so, I find myself missing a lot of the more subtle themes and stories, but at least I have the characters straight.


That seems smart. I feel like as long as I get the characters straight that will help the most. I listen to The Adventure Zone too, and I feel like I have a better grasp on that story. It’s probably due to knowing the characters/people behind them. Thanks for the tip!


@MattadorD This obviously wouldn’t work for everyone, but I almost invariably listen to FatT while driving my 60-80 minute commute twice a day. I find that I have to concentrate enough on driving that there’s just the right amount of my attention left to take the podcast in without losing the thread and without losing focus due to other things. When I try to listen to FatT elsewhere, I have the same problem you do.

It doesn’t always work - I found the special episodes set in Rosemerrow in the middle of the Winter in Hieron season (hopefully that’s suitably vague - I nearly said “holiday special” until I remembered it wasn’t) really hard to keep track of, but they are particularly dense in both characters, plots and the PCs chopping and changing who they’re with.

This thread, or the discord, are always great places to ask people to help clarify things for you if you’re stuck, too.


I have a similar commute so I think that’s what I’ll do from now on. I mostly listen to podcast when doing dishes or entering data at work, so I’ll make this my commute podcast from now on. Thanks for the tip. I’ll see how it works for me on my commute home today since they just released the next episode!


I do the same with my commute. Also if you spend a lot of time mucking out horses, it is ideal for that too, but I suspect that is not a majority passtime on the Waypoint forums.


I was thinking about Candidates and Excerpts and wondering what it is that makes them necessary to Divines, two ideas that came to mind were either a) whoever crafted the AI never found a way to truly create the spark of consciousness, but connecting to a human mind allows it to be shared and then amplified to an extraordinary degree or b) that the connection to a human creates a proxy for a connection to humanity, keeping the mind of the Divine from growing too alien and distant-
almost a safety catch in that respect, allowing the alienness of the power at the heart of the AI to still be a part of human society. That does a better job of explaining why some Divines seem to get by without human engagement and perhaps also why in those instances their behaviour can be a little erratic by human standards.

Thinking about that also makes me think about the feelings that must be experienced by either side when the other is lost.


so I just finished Season 1/Seasons of Hieron and holy shit, @austin_walker

[spoiler]I realized where the bit with Jericho at the end was going as soon as Austin mentioned that Hadrian wasn’t drinking alone, and muttered “oh shit, oh shit, ohhh shiiiiit” under my breath as it happened.

and suddenly what had been framed during the holiday special the confident, zealous actions of a devout paladin became the desperate performative gestures of someone trying to convince themselves they still believed, and retribution for a crime they could have prevented.[/spoiler]

So far my FatT listening has been the first Hieron adventure, followed by COUNTER/Weight, then back to Hieron.

I’d planned on continuing on to Marielda next, but that C/W intro teaser at the end of the Season 1 Live Post Mortem made me want to listen to the whole thing again.


Gotta say, I’m really enjoying the dual adventures in Seasons of Hieron. I love the recaps at the beginning of the episodes that help remind me what happened last time.

My strategy has been to listen to the older episodes from the beginning as much as I can (other podcasts permitting), except when there’s a brand new episode out of Twilight Mirage. Then I’ll listen to that so I’m caught up. So far, it’s been working out well!


True, good point!


I’m doing the same thing! The start of Twilight Mirage is what spurred me to stop waiting on the backlog and actually finish listening to the older episodes.


I’ve just now realised that I never listened to the Kingdom game in the C/W season. I started skipping over them because I wanted to stick with the Chime, intending to go back, but never did. I think I’d have to relisten to the whole C/W season to get the most out of it, and sadly I don’t have the time at the moment… One day


The Twilight Mirage season, so far (haven’t listened to the first ground game session yet) is 100% my jam. Embattled utopias worth fighting for, outlandish inventive aesthetics, a culture of collaboration, and of course, mecha. I want 3 more book series in precisely this territory (things I’d recommend right now would be Iain M. Banks’ the Culture, and then probably Ann Leckie’s Ancillary series and Yoon Ha Lee’s Ninefox Gambit).

My favorite before this had been the Marielda mini-season, thanks to being a Blades in the Dark fan and having trouble with the very first season’s audio. But now I am all about protecting the Orbit.


I think Grand Magnificent is probably the fatt character most similar to Austin Walker in that no matter what’s going on, they’re probably thinking about mechs