Fans of Friends at the Table


I really want the spin-off and/or AU SitCom with Randall Park as Grand Magnificent, possibly where he’s the wacky neighbor.


I just adore the aesthetics that Twilight Mirage is going for. Even the name is great. I wanna see a Twilight Mirage movie or comic, what with all the cool visuals and ideas they come up with.


Who else here is following the Patreon streams (Tips at the Table and Downfall from last night)? Seriously they’re two of my favorite FaaT productions yet, especially the Tips at the Table


I have the episodes downloaded but I haven’t gotten to them yet - I suffer from having too many damn podcasts to listen to on a regular basis so I’ve got a queue a mile long basically all the time. I’ll get there soon enough.


I was just about to post about this, Tips at the Table is amazing. There’s tons of extra detail about the FatT campaigns which is the stuff I love in the post mortem (original character ideas that got scrapped, Austin describing his prep/things he had to change, talking about how the PCs could have played differently).

I can’t wait to listen to the live recording.

$5 well spent.


Merging this and the Twilight Mirage love…when Austin starts talking about utopia and TM in Tips, i totally got chills. Tips is gonna be cool anyway, but hearing him go on a vaguely Jamesonian tear about Utopia and imagination was, like, everything I’ve ever wanted about FaTT. Or basically I just wanna sit and have a beer and talk about utopia with people and how good it is as a playspace/goal/philosophy/aesthetic.


Started at the first season, got to maybe 3 episodes, and am now on episode 00 for COUNTER/Weight. Now, I wanna write a mech-noir/cyberpunk story.


I’ve finally started watching Fargo and it’s an interesting prism on FatT, and Jack’s playstyle in particular. I was wondering why you would make this cool hitman character (Fourteen-Fifteen) and then play them as a bumbling comedy of errors, but that’s basically the Fargo formula (throwing no shade, I love it).

Also, following on from the Tips at the Table discussion about alignment, Fargo is a really interesting template for how alignment can fit into modern stories. I think part of the problem everyone has with alignment these days is that black-and-white stories feel old fashioned, but Fargo is definitely a world with likeable Lawful Good characters and other characters who are walking Evil. And it’s believable and compelling storytelling.

(it also makes me want to play a paladin based on Marge Gunderson)


so i’ve been meaning to go back and listen to Heiron (I started on the most recent season but felt I’d missed way too much to get any of it, even with the catch-up podcasts) but the website is bad. Is there a wiki or a list of episodes with links or something like that that’s easier to navigate than the site?


I don’t use podbay (iTunes/ the podcast app for me), but aparently FatT is all there if you want to listen through your browser [link]


if’s a few weeks old news now, but as somebody who remembers watching his Giant Bomb Quick Look of it two years ago I love how Austin basically lifted from King of Dragon Pass for the first ship game mission. I love it when the friends get a bit self indulgent.


Bluff City is innncredible so far.


When I get a job, I plan to be able to donate to listen to Bluff City.

Right now I’m on Marielda (skipped C/w and plan to go back to it, I just wanted more Hieron stuff) and hoo boy, it’s so much fun. I love their ridiculous heist shenanigans so much.


I did the same, I couldn’t pass up more Heiron content while it existed. I’m back to C/W now and it’s very good.

When you have the money it is well worth it, all the Pateron content has been very good so far.


Tales from the Loop has just been brought to my attention and now I am watching the Rollplay with Austin and I so wish I could play it.


The new site is still in progress, but now has separate pages for each season.


i Know they Said Bluff city is monthly bonus Pod but does that mean we wont get part 2 of the Fiasco game till later this month ?


So how is everyone liking Twilight Mirage so far? I’m liking it a lot, but I’m feeling the pain of not being able to just binge listen to it like I did with the rest of the FatT content. It feels so much slower as a result. Not that that’s the creator’s fault or anything, just describing my own experience.

The ground game arc was very interesting and set up a lot of questions that I’m excited to have answered. The entire faction structure of the planet seems really cool.

I haven’t meshed with the space game as much, but they’ve had a whole episode less of screen time. It was kind of confusing that the entire world building episode was spent talking about how there was only one Divine left, but then the first arc of the story was actually about how they went from two to one. I was confused for a second about why Gumption was dying if it was already supposed to be dead. I don’t think it helped that the ship also has Gumption in the name.


I didn’t realise the timeline thing about Gumption either, but I might have blinked listening to the start of the episode and missed it.

I’ve been caught up since late in the first season so I’ve got pretty used to the slower episode cycle, what I find is that I think things through a lot more in the week between episodes, so I’m more ready for the next one. Usually. There are always some FatT episodes you aren’t ready for.


I’m at a weird place because I’m working through the older episodes AND listening to Twilight Mirage as it comes out. It’s an interesting contrast, and it makes me wonder what listening to Winter in Hieron was like when it was a weekly thing.

The Gumption thing did confuse me a little, but I think the scenes with it dying were effective enough that ultimately it didn’t bother me much?