Fans of Friends at the Table


Well since they made the joke, I am definitely just imagining Biff as being played by Jeff Gerstmann.


Definitely early aughts blond Jeff though.


God damn it Austin with that short Home speech near the end. I almost broke down crying in the middle of the sidewalk on my way home just now. This hit me in a real personal way I’m not sure if I’m mentally prepared for the rest of the season now.

Good job…


So, this might be a weird question, but where did calling the Hieron gods various dorito flavors come from???


I’m gonna guess that came from L.I.N.D.A.


I’m finally done with all the Hieron stuff! A big part of me wishes I had caught up faster so I could have been there for the finale, but oh well. I’m mostly upset because I have a friend who’s just finished season 1, so I can’t say much for fear of spoiling things for her.


Just wanted to drop in here and say that Austins intro for Twilight Mirage 07: Second Street Drifting is amazing!

Also, what are some of your favourite Friends at the Table intros?


Oh boy, there are a lot of good ones. The one for the last Consulting Detective arc in Hieron is probably my favorite.


Oh yeah, I remember enjoying that one. Will have to go back and listen to it again.


The Marielda ones are great in general, but especially the ones for the final heist.


The idea of Many True Names that Austin introduces in Twilight Mirage #9 is extremely good and I am happy to have it replace other ideas about True Names in speculative settings (esp. the Birth Name-focused version which is essentialist and likely hurtful to trans folks and others).


I’m sure they will turn out to have their reasons and motivations but right now the Earth Hegemony is deeply infuriating with their obtuse certainty.


Man it is almost worth donating to the FatT Patreon for Austin’s fake Yelp reviews for Bluff City attractions alone. I am being 100% serious, the episode 2 description is pitch fucking perfect.


Bluff City in general is just really great. The fiasco game is everything I love about the show distilled into two episodes. That ending, though. Darn.


Okay so the joke about Doyle’s last name is a riff on people always mispronouncing Ian MacKaye’s name right?


Yeah, they really went into the “this will feel like a Cohen Brothers film” thing but it felt more like a Burn After Reading (i.e. one person came out okay and everyone else was miserable) and less like a… Fargo, I guess? People come out of Fargo okay except for the actual bad people. I absolutely lost it at the “a bank crow” discussion, it was perfection.


The’re Actually Jacks Reviews just an fyi


I just finished Bluff City and it was wonderful. It’s so much fun to hear everybody develop the story together and play off one another, and the montage at the end is such a cool way to conclude. (Also I’m still smiling at putting things in the crow!)


somehow of all the beautiful sadness Friends at the Table has put me through nothing has cut me to the quick quite like the revelation that Austin has never had a flying dream.


sho, carin and blueberri are the cutest people in the whole divine fleet istg