Fans of Friends at the Table


Oh my goodness, Fourteen Fifteen is Hatsune Miku/Diva Plavalaguna now. I love this show so much. I’m real curious what this means for the next time they die.


I’m not sure who I first saw use the term “Flesh Miku” to refer to them, but I can’t stop thinking about it.


My suggestion for the 3 name glinthawk is glint ha w.k., the lovely flying mech that adores partying


I had a physical reaction to this phrase that literally looked like the arthur meme


I gotta say, I am a big fan of whenever Austin gets a chance to describe the particular hue and characteristics of a black character’s skin. He’s very good at it, and enthusiastic about it, and I don’t often see the effort made to draw distinctions of color within the broader label of “black” in pop culture.



It feels like we are going to get a place called Duckberg in Friends at the Table after all.


I’m just going to go ahead and link my tweet here


I’ve been in-and-out on FaaT for a while but I decided to buckle in and just go for it. I liked Marielda on release but didn’t really grok Hieron until recently. I’m a few eps into Winter right now and digging it finally.

I tried to get with this new arc of Twilight Mirage but the start was kind of rocky with abandoning a character and throwing an episode away so I sort of lost the ability to keep track of things there. Also I love their concepts of post-gender and post-human and all that, but I’m sorry to say that all of the non-gendered pronouns and goofy “14 15” kind of names actually makes it hard for me to keep up. Hopefully I’ll eventually click with it like I am with Hieron.


Love Friends at the Table. It’s seriously the best role playing game podcast around. Me and my sister are currently working our way through CounterWeight, though very slowly. The world building they come up with is so gripping. Omg that holiday episode… wow!


I want to jump on on this now that I’m all caught up with TAZ and Campaign/One Shot.

Is there a good starting point for this series? Or do I just dive in at episode one and just listen to all of it?


Well, if you want the full experience

j/k! There’s a really good flowchart that introduces each of the seasons that’s pinned as on the FatT twitter account, giving advice for where to start:

I personally recommend starting with the Marielda arc, which is a bit shorter than the other arcs, and isn’t too dependent on prior knowledge–though if you want a cyberpunk space opera, there’s no better choice than Counter/WEIGHT.


I started listening to FatT about a month ago? Had some breaks here and there. I listened to the introduction, the first 20m of episode 0, then before much character creation, all of Marielda, and just about a week ago got into FatT proper.

Loved Marielda, and really enjoying the show. If anything I’m struggling with what to do while listening. Usually with podcasts I can just play some mindless game, which I’ve been trying with Destiny 2, Dauntless, Bloodborne, Dark Souls 3, etc. where I really just… don’t need sound from the game, but more often than most other shows, I find myself going “wait, what?” (Needing to then tab out, rewind a minute, and resume.)

I’m also just very slowly getting used to Jack’s character’s name being Lem. (Unsure how he spells it.) As that is/has been a go to start/whole of aliases elsewhere on the internet. It threw me off at first, but has slowly become one of my favorite things as just affirmation of like, “yeah, that’s a name.”

It’s very weird being this early in though, being this late to the party so to speak, and being like “Okay, starting January 2015…” which means that the people I’m hearing talk have no idea what’s ahead of them in 2016, or 2017, but also that, even if Austin comes out today and is like “No more!” I still have literally years of FatT to enjoy. (And needing to avoid spoilers real hard.)

Which was one thing I wanted to thank everybody in this thread for - you guys are hiding spoilers, avoiding ruining things, etc. like champions! Thank you for that!


I think Marielda is totally the best starting place. They play a game to create a world and then play a short campaign inside the world. Makes for a nice easing-in. Also the music and production are much more comfortable than they are in the first Hieron arc. So Marielda gives you a “here’s what to look forward to”.

Early Hieron is kind of rough. And the players aren’t super confident. So a lot of that first adventure into the tower is people waffling around trying to decide what to do. The best parts of Autumn in Hieron are killer tho, definitely worth getting through the shakier bits.

Also! This is kind of asking a lot but they do a campaign for subscribes only at Bluff City is excellent.


Yeah, Marielda felt really smooth running, and like everybody knew what was up,and no technical difficulties.
It also turned several early-game reveals, which were handled flippantly, because they weren’t reveals. Morphing them into “OH! OH MY!” sorts of things, like the sword, or even just Samathese(sp) name, etc. The different days of the week, and just - It… changed a LOT of the early stuff in ways that made it seem SUPER awesome, instead of just “oh, ok, that’s the name of the god. Okay, cool.”


Finished up Counter/WEIGHT earlier this year and I loved it. So far Twilight Mirage is fantastic and every Thursday is a blessing and a curse because I instantly listen to each episode. I have been slowly working through all the Hieron episodes when I can, still early on for those campaigns.


Started listening to this from the very beginning after I caught up on TAZ and wanted more… the beginning was a little rough and I fell off of it from time to time. Still I was determined to keep going and I’m so glad I did. Counter/WEIGHT has been absolutely amazing and around episode 16 I have only started liking it more and more… really excited to see where it goes from here. These characters are awesome!


I’m still making my way through Winter in Hieron, but wanted to pop in real quick to say how thoroughly and completely I love the names Maritime Lapel, Violence Mulligan and Porto Porlo Pinta.


Snitch Nightly might be my all time fave tbh.

By the way, I offered a tentative endorsement of the FaaT Patreon above. I regret that, let me make the endorsement full throated. This dang Teen Marielda special is DELIGHTFUL. And I’m so hungry for new Bluff City. Ongoing FaaT is excellent but YO their oneshots are great, too. And so much more manageable for listening to while playing games.


I’m so excited for you! It’s about there that I feel like the game really picks up momentum and becomes something incredibly special. Hope you enjoy the way it goes!