Fans of Friends at the Table


I am loving the Patreon deal. Money in exchange for More FatT is EXACTLY the thing I am keen for.


I said it on Twitter but I’ll say it here. I need an ugly Christmas sweater with “I got a good job” on the front & “And I’m cold” on the back.


“We’ll play soft cop/bad cop”

Jack de Quidt is a delight.


Okay, can we talk about how cool Gift-3 is? The Scrapyards are one of my favourite ideas ever in an RPG setting, and with all the stuff that’s happening there, I will be a LITTLE disappointed when the crew moves on.

Also, holy fuck, Fourteen Fifteen attacking Waltz Tango Cache is both the best moment and the most “
oh god I can’t believe this has gone so bad” moment, I love it.


The only complaint I have with the patreon is it’s too hard to keep up with the sheer quantity of good content spilling into my life from FatT, there are only so many hours in a day, my crops are over-fertilized,


Or maybe your saplings are over-nurtured?


well-cultivated, certainly


I feel like I should up my patreon because I’ve been listening to FatT all week and I’m still not caught up.


I’m loving the game post-Miracle. The world Austin has built with so many crazy factions is just astonishing. I was having a hard time following the story pre-miracle, but so far the stories have been engaging and great. The concept of Axioms is great and the resource war to turn them into machines or Divines is great. Also I have some issues with Blades as a system (as a listener, have never played it) but I really like the gambit dice and I think it makes the game feel more fair by letting you get more roles

Also yes, the Patreon content is a lot but I still love it. I love the crew getting to explore different games and systems. Also I started hosting a game of DW so I have to go back and re-listen to all the Tips episodes.


I’m almost caught up on the Patreon backlog, just have to find 241 minutes, Austin to watch Drawing Maps. Easily the best $5 I spend every month, everything is such a joy to listen to.


Alright, took too long to get through No Value in a Closed Door; DO NOT let Kicha Kana or however he spells it be a one shot character.


Man, I started Counter/WEIGHT in like December and have been getting through it very slowly, but I just listened to ep. 25/26, when the Chime try to escape Counterweight and fight Jerboa and Detachment in space, and they were just stunning. I was hooting and hollering alone in my apartment like a fool while AuDy was flying through space and Mako was talking to Larry and Ibex. If I had any lingering reservations about fully committing to this show, they’re absolutely gone now.

I just needed to decompress a little. This show is Extremely Good.


Now the real treat is you get to listen to An Animal Out of Context next.


I listen to podcasts on my commute. I tried to listen to a few episodes of the first season, but found it impossible because the volume levels are all over the place. If I turn up the volume enough to hear the quiet folks while travelling, everyone else is too loud (as in loud enough to cause me pain).

Does this get better, and can I skip to there and not be hopelessly lost about what’s going on?


It starts to get better in episode 5, and steadily improves. Those issues are basically gone by the end of the season. I highly encourage you to stick with it, because, while it takes a little while to get into, it definitely GOES SOME PLACES.

I started listening in September when Austin put out that guide to help you decide where to start listening. (I started at the very beginning). I just finished Counter/WEIGHT this week and boy do I need to decompress because holy shit.

You know, I used to be indifferent about mechs, but now anytime there are mechs in something I’m like, “Yessss, this is Counter/WEIGHT” and I’m extremely here for it. So thanks, Austin.


You could definitely skip to a later season. It improves over the entire first season but depending on your threshold it might continue to be an issue until season 2.

There’s a handy tweet that suggests what starting point might suit you:


Poor Chital, the guy never stood a chance.

Also i LOVED the scenes woth Aria and Cass this episode, they were so good.


The ending of C/W is amazing. The coin flip on whether or not Kobus is going to die is so intense. And then on top of that, finding out there is nothing wrong with Grace was amazing. The system they played really made for a near perfect finale.


My favourite part of the ending was where I sob uncontrollably for an hour.