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stay wavvy, dog.


I bounced off of Seasons twice before I got into FaTT – and now FaTT is on my short list for most important work of literature this decade. I went back to it after a friend pitched the Marielda season.

The hopefulness of Twilight Mirage is probably your easiest way in if you are comfortable with anime bullheck – as a work of art, it is a candle of hope in the face of a real world bursting with bleakness and fear.

Also, the audio quality is MUCH, much better.


I just started FaTT and I’m totally in love. Just started the Holiday Special in the first season and it’s fantastic


I started with Marielda after the… optional listener guide bit? And LOVED it.

The… care with which moments and lines, and end of episode cuts are made are all just… 100% my shit, but for one reason or another I only got back up to episode 20 or so and need to get back to it.

This thread is a constant reminder that I’ve got literal years of some of my favorite audio media stuff in the bank so to speak.

(It has also kinda been wild to go from not really sharing a chosen name because “it doesn’t really… seem like a real name?” and then like a year later, finding out Jack’s character has it?)


Friends at the Table got me through senior year of high school and is currently getting me through my first year of college. This show has genuinely taught me so much about story telling, plus gotten me into a lot of really cool tabletop games (I never want to read the words perception check again). Everyones gay and sad, just like in real life. Still not over season 2, what the fuck.


Currently listening to Winter in Hieron ep 2. They’re having a discussion about what they think a basilisk is, and Austin basically says “He’s a snake… AND he’s got feet?!” I’m paraphrasing, but still.


Hey so i know I’m pretty new but I wanted to ask this for my friend who is a big fan of most of the show. He is lookin for info to figure oit if he has energy for it atm not to complain abt it.

My friend is Ojibwe (Michigan/S. Canada Native peoples) friend was listening to twilight mirage and was off put by echo being described just as “native American” and how it was just a set of features since theres no one look since there’s a lot of nations. Hes worried since people assume nativeness is lineage or costume when its actually lineage and community. So being specific about the community is important. He said nativeness is who claims you not who you claim.

He was also concerned that the character described as Native American seemed to be falling into multiple stereotypes, e.g. being magically interconnected peoples with a unique attachment to physical reality, and also that Echo specifically is “abandoned by god” and is the one character that doesnt seem like they interact meaningfully with tech. Do later episodes provide specificity on Echo’s nation and community? Is the “Magical Native American” trope brought up?

He is concerned and feels isolated atm so I wanted to help him out yaknow?


No to both. They are described as being ethnically First Nations/Native American, but no specific nation. They do not have any magical powers.

I actually don’t recall anything about their ethnicity coming up at all after the character building episode.


I bounced off of Counter/weight (likely because I hadn’t warmed to the system and style of play yet) but once I started from the first episode, Autumn in Hieron #00, I got really into it. I’m now at Marielda.

I don’t play tabletop games but I find them fascinating and one of the things I like about FaaT in particular is the experimentation with different systems. I like that the results of these are drawn into or inform the overall narrative rather than being fun one-offs that briefly diverge from the main story. While the latter is also great, seeing how these systems could potentially be used for longer forms is far more interesting to me as a narrative junkie. I couldn’t even finish Marielda #01 before I had to stop, look up The Quiet Year and give it a go myself (which has been really fun as a solo game and a brilliant worldbuilding tool, I can’t wait to gently coerce my dearest friends into trying it).


Bluff City is really something else right now. They could do WWRPG for as long as they wanted and I’d eat it all up.


I listen to podcasts as I run every day, and I’ve been burning out a little bit on Twilight Mirage because I feel like where I’m at it’s just dragging, so I (finally) started listening to Bluff City. I swear to god, I cannot listen to it while running because I have to just stop to laugh at the absolute bullshit that is going on in it every few minutes. Fiasco was such a great game I a really hope they come back to it at some point.


I’m almost done with Autumn in Heiron and I just listened to the conversation about having the power to just snap your fingers and change everything, and I’m like o shit Thanos.


I’ve just gotten to episode 50 and I can’t decide what I think about the second half of Twilight Mirage. I love the premise of the game becoming more gentle and Miyazaki-fantasy like (and the way the Quire system has changed re: guns and travel post-Miracle to reflect that change in tone) but feels like both the players and the GM immediately went about undermining that premise. In one of the two opening missions the Notion decides to encourage a bunch of fascists team up to become one of the 3 major powers in the system in exchange for a relatively minor/shitty victory for the average folk, and one of the second set of missions immediately reintroduces guns that can be fired repeatedly and establishes that dozens to hundreds have already been scattered across the system. Even in the most recent arc that tries to use game mechanics to return to this premise with the Vale punishing anyone who commits acts of violence within it, the penalty isn’t overwhelming and doesn’t seem to have much effect on the PC’s storyline or visibly deter/shape the NPCs actions. I would have loved the version of this story that had the three parties entering the Vale discover that they simply couldn’t do violence to one another and had to figure out how to deal with each other and Ache despite that limitation.

Shrugs As said above though, FaaT is still one of the most thoughtful and important pieces of media produced by anyone in years.


Hi I’m just here to say that TenFour is the best ship, and it’s fucking me ALL the way up.

“Who cares about Fourteen?” “I do!”


I recently became a Patreon subscriber to check out Bluff City (the teaser of the Fiasco game that was released for free was enough for me) and decided to also start digging into Live at the Table archives.

I just finished it so maybe I’m being a little hyperbolic, but I genuinely think that the Fall of Magic game Austin, Janine, Andrew, and Jack play is one of the best things they’ve done, and if you have the 5 bucks to spare for a month it’s absolutely worth it just for that, especially if you grew up with whimsical children’s fantasy.

The system seems super fun and accessable, too (barring the $100 price tag for a physical copy of the game.) It feels like something I could play with my family who spend holidays playing Monopoly and Risk when I’d rather be playing Pathfinder.


god i just finished catching up on all the hieron stuff and im fucking crying. i actually love having my life ruined by an actual play podcast focused on critical world-building, smart characterization, and fun interaction between good friends.


Listening to Vault of Anticipation and heard Austin throw out the name California Rose. I see that Steinbeck reference Austin Walker.


I’m catching up with Marielda and the names are so good. Gentle The Night You Were Born just slayed me (“But I’m not gonna like, not steal those names”).


A tumblr that attributes, for example, quotes from Brooklyn Nine-Nine characters to FAtT characters.

Signet: The odds of that happening coincidentally are vanishingly small.
Grand: I would say infinitesimally.
Gig: Yes, and I would say teenily-weenily. We all know words.


Hey, I’m new here. I’m also new to role playing, as in I’ve never done it due to having a hard time getting others to commit. So I’m listening to FATT to get an idea of how it works. Are there good apps to do role playing online with strangers?