Fans of Friends at the Table


Hi, Emiru, the few online campaigns I’ve been part of (usually with a friend DMing, and their geographically disparate friends filling out the party) used some combination of Roll20 for the actual dice rolls, a Discord server for planning and text discussion, and the voice chat in Discord or Messenger for the bulk of the gameplay; if you asked around here or in the Google+ community for one of the RPGs you’re interested in, you might be able to find other people looking for a new campaign. (This thread might be the best place to start on the Waypoint forums, although it hasn’t been active for a while.) I hope that helps!


Great, thanks for the help. I didn’t know Google + still existed :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


I started listening to FATT last year, mostly listening while playing through Dragon’s Dogma again on PS4, and then during the many, many story-light sections of Mafia 3 and Stardew throughout this year. Started with the first episode of Autumn, went back and listened to the world building episode after… and then went through the entire season a second time lol. This show is so, so damn good is so many ways. I had been meaning to listen for a while and I knew I’d probably like it but not to this extent.

Currently up to early Winter. Counter/Weight was fantastic (gonna listen to it again at some point) but Hieron is where my heart is.



Cant wait to find out how Grand Mag continues to ruin everything.

Edit: Well this isnt what I was expecting exactly but it’s super good wow


Grand Mag ruining everything is a guaranteed event, imho


Austin putting more short fiction out here reminds me of his being picked up for literary representation by Dongwon Song, even if austin is almost certainly too busy to write anything for independent publication any time soon.


So I’m way way behind on Twilight Mirage and I’m not even glancing at the other posts until I’m caught up but I’m listening to Ep 47 just wanted to say that the Crystal Palace track that plays in this episode owns. I wish I had a better music vocabulary because there is stuff going on in the back half of that track that is extremely my shit but I can’t really articulate it. Jack’s music has always great of course, but between Twilight Mirage and Bluff City it has been a lot of fun to hear all the different directions he is taking the music in.

Also Wind’s Poem is such a Friends at the Table name that I didn’t realize it was a Mount Eerie reference until I found out there was also someone named Ocean’s Roar, but I was delighted when I got it. Now I kinda want someone called The Glow, Part 2 to show up.


I recently listened to episode 9 of Twilight Mirage but I was on a late flight and I fell asleep and woke up just as it was ending. I am determined not to listen to it again, because I’m stubborn. Maybe I’ll look up an episode synopsis instead.


Jack’s so good at this, it’s unreal. The Twilight Mirage tracks are all great and I need to go back and listen to most of them, but the Bluff City stuff has me floored already, The Cost of Greed and The Grapplers Down at Promenade Arena are all-timer bops.


Yeah all the Bluff City music is just super fun, it supports the tone of the setting really well. The combination of The Cost of Greed and Austin’s monologue about ghosts and stuff was so good.


Jack’s music has always been fantastic, but the broadening of horizons that has accompanied Twilight Mirage and Bluff City has been… jaw-dropping.

(that said, clarinets menacingly)


Yeah Jack’s music brings so much to everything FatT it’s unbelievable. Counter/WEIGHT wouldn’t be the same without those sad, sad pianos.


Honestly, it was the quality of Jack’s music that convinced me to stay with FatT during the slower early episodes of Autumn in Hieron, before I knew how weird and gay and heartbreaking the podcast was going to become.



The very very end. I have a new favourite FATT moment, and it’s that. The whole interview montage was absolutely flawless, the production and music worked together beautifully. I’m probably too emotionally basic for this podcast, but going out on a warm note for the Notion was 1000% what I needed here. I’ve been getting teary-eyed whenever I stop doing something and remember it all day.


100%. When Austin reached the ending of his last narration I thought we’d hit the end of the ep and I was like “this is feels a little underplayed, but it works” and then Gig started in and I just started smiling. It’s such a different tone than their other finales and it made me so glad that we could have a season of FatT like this one.

Also, “Divine Principality” is turning up the anime name knob until it snaps off.


The finale as a whole is just such a masterstroke. Combining a “ending game” in Firebrands and a “beginning game” in The Quiet Year (at least in how they were used before in FatT) worked so well considering the state of the Mirage and the Notion at that point, and then to wrap that up with Gig doind the Futura Free interviews with the whole crew and asking about falling asleep and waking up… god, they figured this out so well. It really seems like it couldn’t have ended any other way. I still need to catch up with Winter but Twilight Mirage is probably my favorite season of the show. At its peak it was just absolutely breathtaking.


They haven’t announced a postmortem yet, have they? I have a question I’ve been wondering about since before the mid-season.


Given the constant equation of Advent to American fascists and Nazis, Ballad’s characterization reminds me of apologies for Lee or Rommel: “He wanted to protect the people he cared about. What other choice did he have?”



oh finale season


At least, I think that’s how Ballad saw himself, even if we has wrong. Joining the Fascist out of fear for your family, and the hatred of the NEH is not smart. But at least it’s understandable.