Fans of Friends at the Table



On my grand relisten of all of Hieron now that Spring is in bloom, and I’m finally on Marielda

I totally forgot about Cat-stille meeting Samothes and that moment is incredible

The entire party forgetting to take Prowl is still comedy gold


I just want to pop back in here an say that the music that plays over the intro to episode 7 of Spring is so good.


I started listening earlier this year and really really love it. In the past when I had tried listening or watching any actual play stuff it never really clicked with me but I think Friends at the Table’s focus on cooperative storytelling is what really does it for me. I started with Twilight Mirage and loved that, then listened to Winter in Heiron to prep for Spring. I also got on the Patreon and listened to all the Bluff City episodes which have been a ton of fun. It’s made me want to get back in to tabletop games even though I haven’t played any in a little over a decade at this point.


god i finished counter/weight 2 weeks ago and im still thinking about it every day. i liked it but i honestly did not expect it to stick with me this hard like its super rare when something does that for me


It’s still maybe my favourite of all the seasons so far. So beautiful.


I just started listening to COUNTER/Weight and I just wanted to say that I will never get tired of when an NPC says “I would like a bribe.” I feel like I’ve heard it four or five times now across the various FatT campaigns but it is always hilarious to me.

Also, for Hieron, maybe this is just me but whenever Red Jack comes up I imagine him looking like a not-sci-fi version of Two Horns from Appleseed Alpha. It probably helps that the voice Austin does for him is pretty similar to what I remember the English dub sounding like.