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This kind of blends into the discussion around “The allignments of the allignments”, I.E. the idea that A Lawful Good character will often act and be seen as more Lawful Evil, without actually being lawful evil. I think they bring it up in one of the postmortems in regards to Lem, a “Neutral” character played(excelently) to accentuate how Evil neutrality can be. It’s a very interesting way of looking at allignments, I think about it a lot.


Totally agree that FatT systems don’t mesh with the 9-point scale. I meant to use LE/LG as shorthand, which is something I should have explicitly said.

My intended point is to argue that Signet is also “an extremely devoted Lawful”, but that there is often a lack of goodness or evilness to be resolved because the premise of Twilight Mirage means that Signet is extremely devoted to a system that is morally good by default.

This gets complicated after Signet leaves the utopia and has to interact with people and systems that are not morally good by default, but I think that the earliest of her episodes are pretty well described by the line “I’m definitely not gambling with Fourteen, but I also probably don’t care that much.”

This may be unfair of me. In the same way that Signet spends a lot of her early appearances wholly defined by service, Hadrian also spends a lot his early appearances trying to be wholly defined by service; but Austin is able to complicate things through reactions to Pray for Guidance roles.

Y’all the excitement is palpable.


Quick Question about Season 1: I just got to the Holiday episodes and I’m super confused…it seems like it’s jumped way ahead timewise? Should I skip these for now and come back?

It has jumped way ahead timewise. If you want to listen to the season chronologically, you could skip it, but there’s a couple of moments later in the season that play better if you know what happened in the holiday special.


The timeskip is intentional, the holiday special being it’s own story that the events of the season will eventually lead up to.

Honestly I’d highly recommend continuing with the holiday special, and not saving it for later, both because the special is Really Good (the end is kinda devastating), and because it allows for some fantastic moments dramatic irony as the season continues.


I skipped and went back, and you’re going to get some weird stuff either way, I think. I liked the way I listened to it, not knowing What Hadrian Did, but I can imagine it being more frustrating than the dramatic irony of knowing what’s going to happen moving forward.

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Fiasco is a hell of a game


Bluff S2 Spoilers

“How much do you know about horses?”
Can’t believe it just gets better from there.

I :heart:


Ever since (Road To Partisan Spoilers) the pilot is the weak point of a mec moment any time Jack starts with “Hey Austin?” my heart freezes over & dread whatever the next part of the sentence may be. They are so god damned good.


Just you wait, they haven’t even started playing their villain character yet.

I’m almost done Counter/Weight, and honestly, they could play the Long Way Around behind someone reading the phonebook and I’d tear up at this point.

Also, Firebrands is my new favourite game to listen to. I didn’t like Dogs in the Vinyard, but this is great.


Just finished first half of Twilight Mirage!

Ali Acampora: Best Laugher / Best Anime-er
Andi Clare: Best Portrayal of Sword Human
Andrew Lee Swan: Best Sadder
Art Martinez-Tebbel: Best Portrayal of Worst Human
Austin Walker* **: Best Laugher / Best Anime-er
Jack de Quidt: Best Die-er
Janine Hawkins: Best Swearer
Keith Carberry: Best Pun / Worst Pun

* Best horse foley
** Worst door foley


Would someone post the current invite for the FatT Discord (assuming that it’s meant to be publicly available)?

I was watching old Giant Bomb videos the other day and I feel like Business Frankenstein is giving off some serious Bluff City energy:

Also it took way too long to get Art on a Fiasco episode, he’s a natural. Bluff City is so good and I’m so glad it’s back!

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@ali_west on twitter usually keeps a current invite in her bio; I’d suggest checking there.

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Giving this a bump because season 6 “PARTIZAN” has begun, with Episode 00 (quick setting rundown and character introductions) out now! It is very good and I am excited.


I just downloaded it. I want to get into this podcast so badly. I listened to COUNTER/Weight and I think a little of Marielda and Twilight Mirage. I really enjoyed all of COUNTER/Weight. The setting and story especially. So I’m totally down for another sci-fi adventure. I just have to figure out how to get fully engaged with it. For COUNTER/Weight I had a bunch to listen to so I just went through 5-10 episodes all at once so I might do that again.

I also realized I found it very frustrating when Art(?, whoever played Mako) would make a decision (like buying an army of mechs just to get a flying skateboard) extremely frustrating. I know realize that having the characters do “the right thing” every single time is boring. If it was just this group playing by themselves maybe they would only do the “safe” thing, but even then I doubt that. Add that onto the fact that this is a podcast only adds to more reasons why not to just do the “safe” choices. I think it’s related to my anxiety and need not to mess up, so when I see/hear a character do something that will most likely end in failure or not the desired outcome I can’t help, but get anxious/angry. Maybe it will help me get over some of my own anxiety by being around more of that situation and showing that it does all work out in the end.

Sorry for long post, especially the stuff about my anxiety. I just started writing and having a bit of breakthrough as I was writing. Ultimately though I really want to get into the podcast because it’s Austin on his most Austin shit, and Art, Keith, Jack, Ali, and more always play and build upon the amazing worlds that Austin builds. I can’t wait to listen and learn all about this new world and characters.


I am extremely here for the fact that the latest episode reveals that Austin named the season not for the European term for civilians that fight against an occupying force but because he went down the polearm rabbit hole.

Also, mechs with spears are so cool.


I find myself being a bit bummed out by how long the episodes for this season are. Like 2 and a half hours is a lot of time, especially when much of that ends up being about lore that I’m just going to forget about anyway.

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